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    Free Parking Pass to IMTS (Tuesday)

    I'm interested. pm sent!
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    Issues milling16ra finish in 440c.. Is G8 helping or hurting me?

    I have a pretty challenging part in front of me where I need my process to be very dialed in, and very stable (400pc order). maybe someone has come up with something clever that could burnish in a mill? The part has a critical contour that sort of looks like a parenthesis "(", maybe 1.5 inches...
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    Linear bearing shaft quality requirements

    I had posted this in the Automation and Robotics forum, but I realize this is more a general question. Perhaps this forum could get a wider audience to help me out. See this thread > http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/robots-and-automation/linear-bearing-shaft-quality-requirements-326331/...
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    Linear bearing shaft quality requirements

    I have a linear motion setup that I am building for a 3d printer I've designed. I'm using misumi recirculating bearings of the 12mm variety. (MISUMI USA: Industrial Configurable Components Supply) I'm running them at very low speed and low load on 12mm hardened, chromed precision linear...
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    Full tilt spindle speed, damaging or not?

    I always warm up the machines every day, moving the table in full motion with increasing rapid moves as the spindle warms up from 100-10k over 20 minutes in the morning.
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    Full tilt spindle speed, damaging or not?

    I have a VF2ss that I like to run at 12k for extended periods of time through a long cycles, think 70% of a 3 hour cycle, with parts running one after another for 12 hours a day. I have heard from many people that running a machine at full tilt spindle can be bad for the bearings and the...
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    4 axis workholding

    I have the same setup, there have been a couple solutions I have come across for different parts. Primarily I use a raptor vise, and I have been able to make a few little fixtures that mount between that and a tailstock, so I can flip the plate to have a higher part density. The Haas website...
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    3D printing fixtures. Surprisingly effective for small run work.

    So this past week I tried something new out. I have a couple castings I machine a few features on, you can read more about them here: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/how-should-i-hold-these-castings-278570/ This time around it's a new rev of the casting, same general swoop shape...
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    Haas screen attributes

    Does anyone know what the native value is for this setting? I have had my screens set to a different color for a while now, and I have also been experiencing some REALLY weird machine control failures.. I do not think these two things are related, but since Haas is totally stumped, I wonder if...
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    Machining gears on a 4th axis, how feasible is this?

    I may have to make some simple spur gears because our current vendor seems to be backlogged to high hell. I have a decent idea how I will do this, but I could certainly use some insight, as I have never really made gears, and I imagine there's a lot about them that I dont yet know. The gear...
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    Help with carbide inserts and holders

    This is a good resource for understanding a lot of the designations. https://www.carbidedepot.com/formulas-insert-d.htm
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    How do you find center of a 4th axis on a VMC?

    What kind of test cuts would you take? Would you do what I explained above, cut top, rotate 180 cut again and then take all the measurements from that?
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    How do you find center of a 4th axis on a VMC?

    Trying to figure out how to best find the location of the rotation axis on a 4th axis rotary mounted about the X axis.. The more I learn about 4th axis machining, the more I realize having your work offset precisely on the axis is really important (especially parts that require complex 3D 4xis...
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    Trunion with a Twist...

    Looks like a nightmare to move the jaw the full stroke..
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    5 axis vise help

    The Mitee bite option Atomkinder linked looks super appealing. I have been working with the Raptor vise for a Haas 4th axis rotary.. I like it, okay.. It's certinaly stiff as all get-out. but the dovetail op is a pain in some situations.. in some, It actually helps out, as there is a locating...
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    Told I need to quiet my machines down. Any good quiet endmills out there?

    I doubt you're younger unless you're 19 :D But I agree, I do try to explain why I think those suggestions would be detrimental to being efficent, but this company seems to fixate on the small picture a lot.
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    New Muhsheen Day

    It's neat to see all the differences haas continuualy impliments.. I work with 2 VF-3's that were purchased 8 months apart, and in that time they changed up the coolant tank a bit, moved the coolant chute 90 degrees to where yours is, re-did the pnumatics and grease cabinet, put in glass doors...
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    Told I need to quiet my machines down. Any good quiet endmills out there?

    So I had a meeting with my boss and we discussed where the issues really are. It's pretty clear I wont be too successful in finding a quiet cutter for some of these jobs, so I explained to him the best investment would be to better insulate the space above the ceiling. Boy was it hard for him...
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    Told I need to quiet my machines down. Any good quiet endmills out there?

    The problem is a request BY management :D
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    Told I need to quiet my machines down. Any good quiet endmills out there?

    In fact this is the same company. It's a tech company and I'm their R&D shop. so there's no separation from these guys. And as far as it goes, I did check out the celing, and it isn't insulated above the wall.. so that's likely the real issue.