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    Have you ever made something and then wondered if you should have said no.

    strange stuff? not so much, however... making stuff for companies that can later use them in unintended ways and get someone injured or killed is another matter. for instance, i made two sets of forklift fork extensions for two different roof truss manufactures, both of which understood the...
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    Customer not paying need to vent

    this is what i used to do in situations like this 1. i would try to play them like a fish, not letting them know i had an issue and it was between my front office and his... a fair percentage of the time they would send me something to work on or produce, at which time i locked it down till not...
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    Anybody Machined a SuperCharger before?

    i heard all this tripe back in the 70's when i bought my wideglide, yes my bike was ugly, yes it was heavy, but man was it fun to ride! i heard all the stuff about harley going the way of the dodo bird, and the buggy whip maker... fast forward a very few years and every major bike builder on...
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    OT- Need to buy a new work vehicle, gas or diesel?

    i just wanted to add a bit more to the info pile if its a van you are looking to get, forget getting a diesel! you have no idea what expensive repair bills are until you start trying to maintain a diesel stuffed into a van. just about everything is more expensive on a diesel, starters are...
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    OT- Need to buy a new work vehicle, gas or diesel?

    having worked on all these things for more years than i would ever admit, here is my take there was a time i would have recommended a diesel engine for everyone needing a 3/4ton and up that time is long gone todays gas engine's are very reliable and run if well maintained 300k miles without...
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    Deep Cycle Batteries in series for VFD DC Bus?

    car batteries might be good for 20-30 deep cycles, and that being moderately deep cycles, not really deep ones at that golf cart batteries would get you to 100 cycles reliably "if" you have the ability to recharge them very soon after each and every use and that means no sitting around for a day...
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    What is your "little" lathe?

    a 6x18 atlas, ok don't laugh it is useful for doing quick little bushings that don't need high degree of accuracy. my sb 10L does most of my needs bob g
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    wtb morse headstock adpt for 10L

    its been years since i bought my 10L and i thought i had the adapter that fits in the head stock spindle to adapt to morse taper number 3 iirc, maybe number 2? anyway iirc there was once available this piece and i would like to know where one gets something like this so that i can turn a...
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    Any practical way to clean inside shop vac hose ?

    i wonder if one could use a small drill driven drain snake? just attach a rag to the spring end, the end that is supposed to grab tree roots and hair balls and must motor it through the hose? use hot as hell water and very strong dawn dish soap i bet one could scrub that hose out in very...
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    OT? Making NOS Percussion Caps Inert?

    too bad you didn't post before trying to deactivate them, there are lots of muzzleloader guys that would have loved to have gotten ahold of them. unlike cartridge primers a faulty cap is not much of a problem, it either initiates the main charge or it doesn't, in which case you just swap out...
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    rebore a rifle barrel

    thanks guys as they say an education is expensive, and so far this question has cost me a 60 buck piece of steel,, yes the bit took off and went off center a bit further than i could salvage in the tapering of the barrel process i did learn a few things in the process 1. plugging the end of...
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    rebore a rifle barrel

    well curiosity got the better of me and i setup the carbide rifle bit in the lathe, using a milling attachment to secure the bit and a steady rest to maintain the bit for entry into the hole. yes a bit tricky to get started, but once everything was put into near perfect alignment, it started...
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    rebore a rifle barrel

    the whole idea behind this project is to gain the experience and the tooling needed to start from scratch to build a muzzle loader, from a piece of round stock, drilling, reaming, burnishing, and rifling. yes i know it would be easier to buy a barrel from a barrel maker, however getting the...
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    rebore a rifle barrel

    ok guys, thanks for the input so far i understand the oiling situation, and figured on plugging the off end of the barrel so that the oil would then be forced to return back down the v groove. my question is this will the v groove rifling bit self center and cut relatively true down the...
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    rebore a rifle barrel

    this is a muzzle loader, and i want to rebore to a larger caliber can i use one of those eldorado v grooved rifle bits to rebore an existing hole in a barrel? yes i have a lathe and have bored barrels in the past with a fabricated twist drill to to the deal, but wonder if the carbide tipped...
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    hydralic jack left in the rain

    best be careful with the loose use of the term "cherry picker" lest you get the lecture i got on words having meaning! (even though most everyone that uses these "engine lifts" call them cherry pickers) bob g
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    Do the best prototype/job shops have a large collection of 'antique' books?

    i am an avid collector of old technical books of all sorts just moved and found i have more books than i thought i had, enough to make a nice library when i finally get settled. and i am no where near done looking for more of them. what amazes me is what the old blacksmith guys used to be...
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    OT: Transformer source

    go to the auto parts store and get a GM HEI coil they can make 50k volts plus and it is a very hot spark that will jump perhaps 2-3 inches, and maybe up to 4 to start up that ladder i can't see 15k volts or even 30k volts getting up enough gumph to cross a 4 inch gap to start off. bob g
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    help how would i remove a bull gear?

    if there is any chance of buggering up the bullgear or shaft, don't use the sledge, having said that, if you are good with a hammer you can provide enough shock to loosen the gib without buggering up or making things worse. patience is generally key when working with this sort of thing...
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    help how would i remove a bull gear?

    something to consider when you think about drilling or welding the key, is you likely will ruin the key. if the key is something standard maybe you can find a replacement, however often times on ancient stuff the keys were hand fitted to the end use, using prussian blue and a lot of fit and...