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    Mastercam Default plane creation in Mill turn

    Firs time programming a Mill turn and used Streaming teacher's videos to get familiar with Mill turn programming. I'm aware MC likes to create it's own planes when making tool paths but I'm looking at the orientation of the plane it created and worried that its oriented wrong. Should the plane...
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    Issues with 4th Axis and Hole Location

    I'm currently having issues with a part programmed on a 4th axis fixture mounted about 2.8" above centerline. My set up is exactly the way I have it modeled up in mastercam. Everything is within less than 5thou in position. Mastercam planes are good back plot shows exactly that I want it to do...
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    Haas St-10 RPM randomly changes

    What's up guys! I'm having issues with our new Haas ST-10 that was purchase a little over a year ago. Not sure if its programmer error or machine error. I just learn to program the cnc lathe about a year ago and I'm running a CDR at 3k rpms at a feed of 10.76 IPM. The program only has one tool...