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    Tailshaft key removal

    Thanks for the feed back. I was able to get it apart and made a new key. One of the guys on another site I belong to was able to point me in the right direction. Thanks again.
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    Tailshaft key removal

    Well I worked on the tailshaft last night and was able to remove the small pin below the quill tube. I still can't remove the key. My lathe is a 1942 and has the older style key insert. Has anyone made this repair? I'm kind of at a dead end. Thanks for any help.
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    Tailshaft key removal

    Hi guys, I have a heavy ten lathe which in which I would like to change the tailstock key. This is the key that guides the shaft as it leaves and returns into the tailstock. I measured the shaft and it has a slot that is .190, and the key measures .155. I have found that there is way too...
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    Bandsaw blade size, practical reasons?

    Hi Whetstone, once you replace your saw let me know if you decide to sell the old one. My saw is only 1/2 inch ( horizontal and vertical) I think a 3/4 would be better. I'm just north of you over the state line off I-95. Regards, Paul
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    Manual for a Keller Filing Machine

    Thanks this will be helpful.
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    Manual for a Keller Filing Machine

    I am looking for a owner/operator's manual for a Keller Filing Machine. Its a model 256. Thank You
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    Hello Sea Farmer, I noticed that you also have a Keller Die Filer. I was just given one and its...

    Hello Sea Farmer, I noticed that you also have a Keller Die Filer. I was just given one and its a model 256. I was wondering if you happen to have a copy of the owners manual. Mine is pretty complete with both of the upper arms. BTW, I also live in Southeastern MA. Thank you, Paul
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    Hello Sea Farmer, I noticed that you also have a Keller Die Filer. I just received one and its...

    Hello Sea Farmer, I noticed that you also have a Keller Die Filer. I just received one and its a model 256. I was wondering if you have a copy of the owners manual. I also live in Southeastern MA. Tha
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    Small lathe, Large bore?

    I have to agree with eveyone else. The heavy 10 (10L) has a the 1 3/8 spindle bore and handles 5C collets. Nice machine. If you look at one of these look for something with a 4 foot bed or larger bed. You get a lot of flexability.
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    Beautiful 1927 9 Jr on eBay

    That is deffinately a nice looking lathe, but as already mentioned it is missing the counter shaft. It also does not have a 4 jaw chuck or a face plate only the drive plate. I really think the counter shaft is important. You would want that for threading or working on large material. If the...
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    10L Front Spindle Oiler

    My 1942 also has bushings.
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    Heavy 10 lathe - War Dept. tag?

    When I tore my 10L down and removed the tag I noticed that it was recycled material. On the back was the original stamping from the QC gears. It is brass. Like the rest of you I am proud of my machine.
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    Cleaning up

    Thats how I do it. I try to pick up what I can with brush and dustpan. I use a paint brush to clean the lathe. After I pick up the heavy stuff I pick up the metal with a vac. This is not fine dust just metal chips etc. The filter should take care of everything.
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    Chucks vs Collets

    I think you would be surprised how quickly you can set up a 4 jaw once you get used to it. Its not as quick as 3 jaw but can be done quickly. On my 9B I have 4 jaw, 3 jaw, collets and jacobs chuck. When using that machine I tend to use the 3 and 4 jaw the most. My 3 jaw is a 5-inch Bison, a...
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    From the local Craigslist

    If your 10L is in good shape the 9C can't compare. I have the 9B and a 10L, the 10 is the way to go. Only an opinion...
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    Opinions On Chucks and QC Tool Post

    I have the Phase II wedge type tool holder on my 9B, it has worked very well. I got mine from MSC about 2 years ago. I have a no name piston type on my 10L it has also worked well. I made up an additional 4 tool holders can't seem to have enough of those. In fact, I'm planning on making...
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    Whats this 13" worth

    Unless it were free I think I would pass on this lathe. Seems to have too much wear on the ways and with the parts that are missing it may cost too much to get it up and running. This lathe may not support 5C collets etc. Keep your eyes open for another 13-inch or larger lathe. Just an opinion.
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    Threading dial

    I also did not receive a threading dial with my 10L and was able to use a dial (retro) for a 9 A,B or C or a 10K. Also had to make an adapter for the 10L. The 10L has the same thread on the lead screw as the 9 and 10K. Got mine from Tool4cheap same price range as the others.
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    Opinions on a SB10

    Greg, where is the tailstock? Looks like a 10K uses smaller collets.
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    SB owners, MOVE UP to a Logan! (funny)

    When I was looking for a larger lathe (from a 6 Atlas and then a 9 inch SB) I looked at a number of lathes which included a 60's vintage 12 inch Logan. Being accustomed to a Southbend I found the Logan looked a little on the clunky side. I asked to see it run and I thought it might have been...