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    Moderator:Spam to former members

    To the moderator: Message from a banned former member. Gordon has asked me to relay if the constant spam he receives (adverts from sponsors to PM) can be stopped. He's fine with the ban but doesn't see why he has to keep getting unwanted spam. Logicically a ban should go both ways. Kind...
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    Strange old lathe - even stranger feed screw - any ideas?

    Got my hands on an oldish lathe in our museum (Flynderupgård, Elsinore). Turning length abt. 700 mm (28 inches), turning diameter (swing?) 180 mm (7") over saddle, with bridge removed swing would be abt. 11 inches. Quite good condition, not much visible wear although one tooth is broken on the...
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    Slightly OT: Left hand screw

    Only time I ever saw a left hand screw: On my Skoda Felicia (smallish czek/german car) a separate pulling hook is provided. This cold winter I had to use it, found it allright in the tool box, tried in vain to screw it into the front bumper hole. WTF? Try again and yet again. Had a close look...
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    Adjustable 3-jaw

    Finally got around to making my own copy of Henry Ravns one-screw adjustable three-jaw chuck. Makes it easy to center round stock, easier than in a 4-jaw and much easier than using shims in the 3-jaw. Is the design known to members of this forum? I haven't come across it anyway. Will try to post...
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    Beginning and end to internal thread - how would you do it?

    Making a new back plate to my 40 inch lathe. Managed the internal thread (68 mm thread on spindle, that is 2.68 inches dia.), had luck, seems to fit. But I need good ideas on how to put a nice beginning and end on the thread. Don't have a Bridgeport, only a shaper - and I don't fancy using the...
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    Elderly lathe: Permissible headstock slop?

    I may have to adjust headstock bearing play but first I want your advice, please: My lathe is a polish TUE-40, year 1954. Swing 16", turning length 40", spindle bore 1.5", motor 4 HP. I put a 10" bar in the chuck and measured the deflection at the tip to circa 4 thousands when applying...
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    Esab stick welder, 'egg' type. Diagram?

    At our museum (Nivaa Ringovn) we were presented with an oldish welding transformer, 300 amps, white fiberglass encapsulated. Looks like a large egg. There are 3 terminals in line and we believe the outermost should be connected to 400 volts. What about the one in the middle? Would that be for...
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    O/T Publicity campaign for Machinery / Lathe

    June 5 is Daddy's Day in Elsinore at the Technical Museum. This year we also celebrated the Year of Industrialization. My contribution was demonstrating an oldish 30" lathe (she and I are about the same age), making a series of 1/2 inch bolts. Most visitors were former machinists but a few...