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  1. jims

    Radius measurement - top of bridgeport ram?

    A conture gage used in measuring flooring should work.
  2. jims

    Die Head Suggestion for 5/8-11 Bolt Thread on Lathe (Production)

    I would think about sending them out for thread rolling.
  3. jims

    Longest,widest chips with machining parameters.

    Nothing beats a box tool chip on a turret lathe. Once for fun a guy let the chip keep going without breaking it and chip went across shop and out the door like a snake and across the street.looked like a 1 1/2 dia snake. In all my 60 plus years of machining I have never seen a machine tool cut a...
  4. jims

    Function of Warner-Swasey turret lathe attachment?

    One of the best tools running a turret lathe. The tool is like a cross slide holding a bore bar or other cutting tool that moves up and down instead of front to rear . And has a dial to change size of cutting action. See reply # 3.
  5. jims

    New to me Logan lathe setup

    I started machining in 1953 on a new Logan turret lathe with a production cross slide. And I still have one. I also have a normal cross slide but don’t use it often. Takes only minutes to change from one slide to the other. I have been told the production slides are more stout and cause less...
  6. jims

    How I made dead length collet out of a 5c extended length emergency collet.

    The reason to use the extended 5c collets. Is that the Hardinge dead length set up costs over $250 . https://share.icloud.com/photos/034-1t4Co1fAYQYtDzZCLv_tw
  7. jims

    How I made dead length collet out of a 5c extended length emergency collet.

    Paul yes , you read it right the collet pulls back but the bolt stops against end of spindle and part stops against other side of bolt. Collet pulls back but bolt can not because it is against end of spindle. Reason to do this is extended 5c collets are much cheaper than dead length collet set...
  8. jims

    How I made dead length collet out of a 5c extended length emergency collet.

    This will work for a lot of small parts. Where the length of part is critical and the stock od varies causing lengths to change. I bored a Hardinge emergency 5c collet to size needed , then drilled a cross hole thru side of collet. Drilled the hole with enough slop that when I slipped a 1/4 inch...
  9. jims

    Internal threads on a hemisphere

    Hold part in 3 inch slug bored out to 60 mm pocket and a couple thousands short of part length. Make a 3 inch washer with 4 holes 1/4 dia around washer face . Pinch part to 3 inch slug with 4 shcs. thread thru washer . Hold in 4 jaw chuck. edit . That is how I would do part with posters...
  10. jims

    Internal threads on a hemisphere

    What size is part? What machines do you have? Can you use a Step collet? Or pie chuck jaws bored to part size?
  11. jims

    Flat spindle noses

    Maybe he is looking for backplates.
  12. jims

    Novel method to chase hard threads

    Here is a new idea. I ran a 1000 piece rod end job out of 17-4 SS . And when the boss sent them to the thread roller he forgot to tell them left hand threads. So when it was time to rework them we talked to the thread roller and he fixed them by rerolling them flat then rolled them to left hand...
  13. jims

    Setting up a worn-out motor armature in a steady rest.

    Armature Could you bore soft jaws and hold on od of armature to center and turn ?
  14. jims

    Ban political discussions

    Politics I used to read rec crafts metalworking every day. Then it went from metalworking to politics. And metalworking got lost. To bad there was some great people on there. I hope this site does not go there.
  15. jims

    Ban political discussions

    No politics!
  16. jims

    old man shoes

    As an 86 year old with back problems for 40 or more years the thing that helped me the most was having my doctor set me up at the hospital for Physical therapy. That helped me more then any back doctor . After a month I knew how to do the therapy at home I do about 10 or 15 minutes a day and it...
  17. jims

    Putting a Machine Shop in a Cargo Container

    movable Machine shop I had a machine shop truck when I was in the army . And if I wanted a movable shop now I would look at army surplus to find one.
  18. jims

    Radii, Radius, Ball Turning Attachment - What works Best?

    Hemispherical radius in the end of bar
  19. jims

    Drilling with a number 78 drill. They keep breaking!

    You don’t use the Bridgeport handle to feel the cut . The feel is in the sensitive chuck . The chuck slides down by a ring held by your fingers . And you feed down feeling the cutting action with your fingers. If you look on eBay you will see the chuck and the ring you feed drill with.
  20. jims

    Drilling with a number 78 drill. They keep breaking!

    Where are you located in Calif ? I will loan you a sensitive drill chuck if you would like to use it. I’m near Sonora. [email protected]