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  1. BenTerrible

    Dynapath Delta 20 Power Supply Failure

    Tried to power up my Tree 325 last weekend. Received a dead battery error at start up (locked out of the control). Replaced the 3.6v battery that is on the Aux board in the Dynapath Delta 20 controller. Powered on the machine, checksum pass, diagnostics pass... Display read "Press Mode...
  2. BenTerrible

    Equipment Moving-Pick up at residence, East to West Haul

    I am considering purchasing a small press brake located on the East coast. The seller has the press at his residence, no forklift/not palletized (this is a small machine, 1600 lbs). I have searched high and low for one local/closer, nothing worth much more than it's weight in scrap...
  3. BenTerrible

    Looking for equipment mover San Jose to San Diego

    Can anyone recommend a machinery mover? I need quotes getting a turning center from San Jose to San Diego. I am trying to have a rigger on-site when the seller's new machine arrives, as they have offered to load the one I purchased. Thanks in advance! -BT
  4. BenTerrible

    WTB Okuma Cadet LNC8

    Looking for a clean Okuma LNC8. Options I am interested in are as follows (they are wishlist items): 5020 control with IGF Big Bore Spindle Chip Conveyor Parts Catcher Tailstock Live Tooling I am open to machines that are not local to me (San Diego). Let me know what you have! -BT
  5. BenTerrible

    Okuma LNC-8 School me on these machines!

    Considering a small turning center. I have my eye on a few, but the Okuma LNC-8 caught my attention. 1. Controls - The machine I am looking at I believe has the OSP5020 control. Feedback on this control? I hear Okuma machines are those that users either love.or hate. I have yet tonuse one...
  6. BenTerrible

    Trico Spraymaster II - About ready to toss this thing into the trash!

    Been fighting with this device all day. Can't get coolant flowing for the life of me. These things are siphon systems, which is cost-effective, I get it, but really stupid in my opinion. I would rather have a dedicated pump to push coolant and mix with air at the nozzle. I have cleaned the...
  7. BenTerrible

    Anilam Mini Wizard DRO - Scale not reading

    I have an Anilam Mini Wizard DRO on my Bridgeport and I am having trouble with the Y-axis readout. I fear I need to spend the money on new Acu-rite scales, but I am hoping this isn't the case. The Y-axis suddenly stopped counting. Running the Y-axis in/out, the DRO flickers. No counting, just...
  8. BenTerrible

    WTB Kwik Switch 300 Master with R8 shank for Bridgeport

    Looking for a Kwik Switch 300 master with the R8 shank so I can adapt all my tooling to my Bridgeport mill. Thanks! -BT
  9. BenTerrible

    Dynapath Delta 20 drip feeding program error "next character not N"

    I have been testing out the drip-feed via RS232 option on my Tree 325. My program is just over 5000 lines, a simple facing operation, then outside profile cut (rectangle), and lastly an engraving operation on the top face. The problem I am running into occurs a bit sporadically. Error: 131...
  10. BenTerrible

    Alzmetall AB3 ESV Drill Press Tachometer Assembly

    Hello, I recently acquired this drill press and added it to my home shop. I am curious if someone else out there has one of these older model drills with a working tachometer installed? Mine seems to be missing the factory tachometer and has a machined aluminum plug in place. I have been...
  11. BenTerrible

    WTB Multifix Tools - Size B Internal Threading tool

    Looking to buy Multifix Size B tool holders, especially looking for the internal threading tool holder. Let me know what you have. Also need the square drive wrench for locking down the tool height. Thanks.
  12. BenTerrible

    Mitutoyo Measuring Tools-Calipers, Micrometers, Indicator

    Mitutoyo 12" dial calipers - like new, unused. SOLD Mitutoyo No.103-262 outside micrometer 1-2" with case & standard, mint condish $120 Mitutoyo No. 513-962 dial test Indicator mint, like new. SOLD Mitutoyo No. 129-127 depth micrometer, like new, unused. $120 I can ship as well, USPS. Buyer...
  13. BenTerrible

    WTS: CA tool post w/holders

    I have an Aloris copy tool post with tool holders. Size CA. This has been on my 17" swing lathe for years. Works excellent. Photos and tool holder details will be up this afternoon. $300 + shipping
  14. BenTerrible

    WTS: 4 position indexable lathe tool turret

    4" x 4" square turret, indexable. Tool positions measure 1.188" inside. $125 shipped
  15. BenTerrible

    Carboloy BT40 1" tool holder

    I received this with a pile of tooling that was included with a mill I purchased. I have no use for it. $45 shipped gets it
  16. BenTerrible

    Tree 325 Dynapath Delta 20 Programming Basics Info Request

    Several PM members helped me trouble shoot this machine this week. I am grateful for their help, as the machine does seem to be up & running (I use the phrase "seems to be" because, with the exception of a few bolt circles, I have yet to run a program on this machine). I need to build the...
  17. BenTerrible

    Tree Journeyman 325 Help - Fault Issues/Braking Resistor Overheating

    Machine details: 1987 Tree Journeyman 325 Dynapath Delta 20 Control Fanuc A06B-6052-H002 drive (all electronics appear to be original from the factory, both control cabinets are very clean) I purchased this mill for the purpose of learning CNC machining. I am using artificial 3 phase via...
  18. BenTerrible

    More Starrett Tools, 12" dial calipers, mag base, last word indicator

    A few more Starrett items I would like to sell: 1. Starrett No. 120 12" dial calipers, new w/wood case. These have been stored in the back of the kennedy for a while. I don't use them. Passing these along. $150 shipped SOLD 2. Starrett Mag Base, new in box. $50 shipped SOLD 3. Starrett 25-131...
  19. BenTerrible

    Starrett Bevel Protractor w/ blades NIB

    New, Unused with wooden box and cardboard box. $100 shipped! First " Ill take it " gets it
  20. BenTerrible

    Boring head, R8

    Looks like new. $45 shipped.