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  1. Toolles

    Help with setting up a 20hp motor for an RPC

    I have been putting it off for years but I want to make a 20hp RPC. I have a question about starting my 20hp motor. I currently have a 5hp RPC in place. I am told I can start the 20hp motor with the 3 phase created by the 5hp phase converter. If this is correct wouldn't I back feed to the 5hp...
  2. Toolles

    OT My Shop Stereo

    Up until last weekend I had a fairly sweet shop stereo setup. My system is comprised of a CL bought 1980s receiver, CD player, a laptop computer, for Pandora, stationed in the office, and 4 speakers strategically located around my shop building. Last Friday night a lightening strike knocked out...
  3. Toolles

    Questions about a Cincinnati horizontal mill

    Good Morning, I bought a horizontal mill this weekend and need some help with identification and operation. I searched the internet and think I drug home a Cincinnati 1-18 production mill? The serial number is 2F1P1L-861. One thing I failed to notice in the Craigs Listing was that this mill has...
  4. Toolles

    3 Jaw Chuck troubles

    My dad has a 3 jaw chuck, brand unknown, that is very hard to operate. I have never had one apart and can't tell him what to do to fix the trouble. Can anyone help me with what to expect when tearing into a chuck? toolles
  5. Toolles

    Weight of a Cincinnati 4p?

    I'm looking at a listing for a Cincinnati 4p horiz/vert mill, s/n b4206/35. The price is in my range but... Anyone got an idea how much this thing weighs? toolles
  6. Toolles

    WTB pallet jack replacement wheels

    Can someone suggest where I can find load wheels for my "made in China", off-brand, pallet jack? I've been searching the web and found one place, Global Industrial, who carries my size but they want $89 each for them. The dimensions are as follows: 3" dia. 3-11/16" long, with a .785 diameter...
  7. Toolles

    Motor Starter Question

    I need to buy a motor starter for a 20hp 3ph motor I'm planning on using for a RPC. I'm looking at size 3 but there are different class starters, A200, 8536, and 509 DOD. Will all these classes work on my motor? My motor is 230v. toolles
  8. Toolles

    Camelback Rebuild

    Good Morning, I thought ya'll would like to see an old Royersford camelback I've been working on. A few months ago I bought a 21" Royersford Excelsior drill press. It was missing several parts, but I thought it would be a good project. Here's a pic unloading the camelback. After much...
  9. Toolles

    Anyone Need a Dalton?

    I, just this weekend, bought a Royersford camelback drill. The fellow I bought the drill press from, Rich, asked me if I would help him sell a couple other tools he has. I told him I would be happy to help out. See the pictures, below, for a Dalton lathe/mill combination and a Hepworth scroll...
  10. Toolles

    Camelback Move

    There is a camelback drill for sale in New York (Long Island it think). I live on the coast in Texas. I'd like to buy the camelback but it's the matter of 2000 miles that's the problem. I do have a son, in the Navy, stationed in Charelston SC. Anyone planning a trip from NY to Charleston soon? I...
  11. Toolles

    20hp rpc

    One of my recient projects was to rebuild a 20hp motor. Here's the link if you're interested. http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/transformers-phase-converters-vfd/another-motor-rebuild-224780/ I want to up-size my RPC from a 5hp and use this 20hp motor. I've been reading in this forum about...
  12. Toolles

    Another Motor Rebuild

    A few months ago I picked up a 20hp motor from a rice dryer demolition in Bay City. My plan is to build a larger RPC out of it. That's in the future, though. Spinning the rotor shaft by hand I could tell the bearings were bad so I took it to a motor shop and had them test it before I went any...
  13. Toolles

    Wanted Camelback Parts

    I have a Royersford 21" Excelsior drill press that is missing parts. I need the following items in the order of importance: 1. bottom pully and bracket assembly 2. table raising screw and all associated brackets 3. back gear cover 4. long arm for down feeding the spindle 5. small gull wing...
  14. Toolles

    Monarch Questions

    I have this Monarch 14AA lathe and the drive clutch is stuck, engaged. Before I start tearing into this problem I'd like some guidance. Can anyone help me with a plan of attack on fixing this problem? toolles
  15. Toolles


    Good morning fellow old machine guys. I need your opinion on a camelback I looked at yesterday. I had to crawl over a lot of stuff to get these bad pictures of it but here they are. The drill is an Excelsior. Is there anything missing or broken beyond repair? Is this worth $100? I've...
  16. Toolles

    Motor questions

    Hi I have a 3hp induction motor from a very old radial arm drill press. The motor was locked up so I pulled it off today and broke it down. After digging out the mud dobber whasp nests I inspected the shaft. It has some corrosion on both ends. I put it on the lathe & used emory cloth...
  17. Toolles

    Looking for guide rollers

    I aquired a horizontal band saw and the guides and rollers are missing. I milled the sliding guides but I need a set of four, blade guide rollers. Anyone know where I can find some? They need to be about 1/4" ID X 3/4" OD Thanks, toolles
  18. Toolles

    About gears

    I am interested in learning all about gears and am starting from the begining. I did search the internet and found some articles with the basic terms and definitions. Can someone recommend a very basic book to start with and give me direction on learning gear design and cutting? Les
  19. Toolles


    Good Morning all, I'd like to post a reminder to all the new AMHG members I sent a request for information to. Please answer the questions in the message and send them back to me by way of a private message. The information will not be made public and is for the AMHG data base. This data will...
  20. Toolles

    Help with rotory phase converter

    Just this weekend got my phase converter wired up. It is a 5hp Roto Phase store bought (used) unit. When I started it up I tested the three busses. I got 120v on the two I brought over from my single phase panel and 230v from the phase converter T3 leg. Is this right? What is the voltage...