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    What is this adjustable length rod called?

    Can someone tell me the name of the attached fitting? an adjustable length strut. It has Clevis fork and tang on both sides but it'd require L and R threads to work. I thought finding something to adjust the length of a rod would be easy but I damned if I can find anything similar, what should...
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    laser/waterjet cutting stellite

    I have purchased a small piece of stellite (hrc 58, the hardest form of stellite), I've never had anything waterjet or laser cut before but are these suitable for cutting this material? If i take it into the local shop will they look at me funny? the piece is only 4x100mmx200mm.
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    What does R0.75 mean?

    Hi, So a quote says "there will be R0.75", what does this mean? Does it mean the radius in the corner of a cut? If so does it mean a full half circle end to the cut? What does "Need EDM or there will be R0.75" mean? Thankyou.
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    square tabs need to be threaded?

    Hello, I have some square tabs 6mm wide x 5mm high x 10mm long that need to be threaded to accept a fitting. Is there and tool that could say be fitted to the end of a drill that could turn these tabs down to accept a M6 thread die? obviously there would still be a couple flats but that...