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    Circle Adjusted Beyond Maximum Adjustment

    Hello Community. I’ve been fighting a 2000’ish Fryer Mini mill for a few years now. I use creo (formerly pro engineer) to tailor the g-code for the machine. When the g-code is running on certain G2 moves (Circular Interpolation – CW) the CNC (Anilam 5000M kernel) will throw the above-mentioned...
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    fryer IO card CAN bus problems

    Hey folks. I’m new to cnc, although I’ve been 3D printing for 7 years now. I built my 3D printer and 150 more. I recently bought a fryer mini mill. Really nice machine. Flat screen (not 80’ tech), win 386, 10 position tool changer, coolant, enclosed etc. The whole shebang. Took me a whole year...
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    brown and sharpe microval power supply pinout

    Hey folks. Cross posting to a new thread. I’ve purchased a B&S microval recently for a good price. it came without a computer, and probe. I’m in a process of re-hosing the machine. all the old spaghetti-like hoses just flaked out of the machine when I opened it. I think I’ll need to remove the...