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    Type 2 turning (pocket) on puma300c?

    I tried programming a 2004 model puma 300c for a type2 turning and it did not take it. Its possible I did it wrong , but a video I watched on it said some machines do not allow you to do a type 2 turning. Im trying to turn a thread relief. Does anyone know a direct way of knowing if the...
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    Dual lead speeds for acme thread

    Hello I am wondering what spindle speed you use when cutting a dual lead acme thread in carbon steel. I'm trying to cut a dual 5tpi acme thread internal left hand thread. I'm using a g76 code, but im getting a lot of chatter. Since the feed is doubled I can assume a lot of tool pressure is...
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    Trouble with Acme threading on puma300

    My minor diameter is 1.51. I am running about 800 sf my rpm is around 1700.
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    Trouble with Acme threading on puma300

    Im making a drive nut. Left hand internal acme threads and the piece is only about 3" long
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    Trouble with Acme threading on puma300

    Doesn't the g76 create a compound in feed for threads? You have to enter the angle of insert in the program for this reason i thought. Does the step by step threading need a g32 code? Do I alternate between flanks each pass.
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    G76 for internal threading?

    I could be wrong but I thought the r value would be left zero on straight threads, and whatever value you need for tapered threads(like npt). I would think the taper at the first of threads would come from the turning profile.
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    Trouble with Acme threading on puma300

    Hello . First time using this forum. I am having chatter problems with acme threading on a puma 300. I am using g76 threading code, and material is 360 brass sometimes also 17-4, 410. I am having problems with chatter in threads. I am using s"plit bushings, and carmex tools. Anything above...