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    Starett Calipers

    I recently acquired a collection of used but in good condition calipers and other tools by Fowler. MY question is the large caliper I have doesnt allow the dial to be moved to set to 0 when the calipers are closed. Is this a normal thing for Fowler calipers? Never owned on before so I simply...
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    LeBlond Lathe Thread Cutting

    I have a very old LeBlond 15" lathe circa 1938 per the serial number. I am trying to figure out the threading quick change. Based on the setting from the feed plate this combination should net me 13tpi. Orange arrow is middle position, blue arrows are the sliding gear and quick change lever...
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    Thread gauges

    Looking for a source (USA , German or Japanese) for SAE thread gauges. Something like this but all I find is made in China and I was something that I can trust will be more accurate like starett or something along those lines.
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    Leblonde Lathe

    I am picking up a new to me lathe this weekend, getting it from someone that has had it since possible before I was born. It comes with an absolute TON of tooling etc which make passing it up a non-option and in a sense my taking it keeps it in the family for at least another 40 years (I got...
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    Rusnok Mill

    I recently acquired a mill but am having a heck of a time getting information on it. It appears to be a mill head attached to a horizontal milling machine. Wondering is anyone is familiar with this and can provide some insight, I know I have to get some collets for it and already reached out to...