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    FS: Nardini 25160 Gap bed lathe with chucks, rests, large boring bar etc

    Hello, I am selling my Nardini Lathe. It is in fair condition, The feed gear needs to be replaced (the bronze one in the carriage) it was stripped before I had it. I have just used it manually. The threading gears work. 208 3 phase motor. asking $9,200 (lathe + chucks + steady rest & follower +...
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    Matsurra MC-760VX start up problem, may be controller or powersupply?

    Hello, Alright trouble shooting guys, Im trying to track down what possibly is a wiring issue, or maybe a power supply issue, or maybe just a control signal issue... So I have had my MC-760VX up and running for a while now (4 ish years). Yasnac controller. I went to start it up yesterday and...
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    WTB ~13" Lathe and manual Mill for small Business

    Hello, I have been asked to do some digging for some 'small' machines for my day job. We are looking for a knee mill, manual. DRO would be nice, not necessary. 3 Phase is preferred. Collets, chucks would be handy as a package but not necessary. Manual Lathe, something around the 13"x42" size. 3...
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    Mazak Integrex 30Y parting out, mostly complete machine

    Hello All, Well I decided not to attempt to revive this machine. It makes me sad to part it out, but I simply don't have the time needed to try to get it running. I had started down the 'revive' path, and put together the controller and gathered manuals but I have too much going on to continue...
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    For sale: Mazak integrex 30Y, for rebuild/parts

    I was working on putting this machine back together but simply don't have time. [I wasnt sure if this goes in parts or machines, i apologize if it should be in parts] I have attached pictures of the machine. It has the drives and motors, i have a controller for it (not shown in pics), I'd be...
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    Right angle head disassembly?

    Hello, I picked up a dented right angle head Manufacturer is OMG its am italian company Im not sure how to disassemble it. It appears one would remove the 6 screws on the back of the head and it clamshell would split apart. I understand this may be the case and the damage prevents the...
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    Where does SFM number come from?

    Hello, So I have been reading through posts on feeds and speeds. I know it is ALWAYS a reoccurring question. I am attempting to understand the underlying concept. I have specifically been looking at 304SS which I see everything from 250SFM to 700SFM, and chip loading from .0015 IPT to .005...
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    Have you done Chemical Conversion of Aluminum (Hex or non Hex conversion)

    Hello, I am looking into the possibility of having the in-house ability for aluminum surface conversion treatment for some of the parts we make. We focus on small quantity of parts usually fast turn (days) for R&D. One of the customers want to have their aluminum parts 'Alodined' rather than...
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    Coolant operation - pumps on, no flow: other interlocks? Matsuura

    Hello, I have a matsuura MC760 I just reconnected the coolant system after transport. I put enough fluid to cover the end of the inlet of the pump. I run M8 and I can hear the pump turn on but I don't get any fluid out of the nozzles at the cutter. There are on/off valves at the flex tube at...
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    Unknown Tool Holder 30 taper? Help identify

    Hello All, I found a box of these in the back of my shop, I am not sure where they are from. Large end of taper measures 1.256" small end measures .710" Length of taper is: 2.00" There are no keyways on the side of the V-groove (like CAT and BT tooling) outter Diameter of V-groove: 1.809"...
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    Mazak Integrex 30 - trying to revive

    Hello, I just got an Integrex 30 with T-plus controls out of a national lab.they remove the cpu for seurity reasons. Id like to try to piece this machine back together. I am in the process of locating manuals (tha ks Gobo) Does anyone know what boards make up the cpu for this machine? Its from...
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    Integrex 30 lathe, looking for manual

    Hello, I just picked up an Integrex 30 (see pic) from auction. I am guessing it will need some work and trouble shooting to get running. Anyone have a direction to look for a manual? I found an Integrex Forum but haven't been able to get an active account there to post my questions. Thanks David
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    Fadal 6030 - considering getting one, facts and opinions please

    Hello all, So ive been reading about vmcs, looking to add bigger capability. Where we are: we have a small part time machine shop. For the past 3 years we have just been running a hurco KBM1. No tool changer, minimal cooling flow, 13kb memory. Picked that machine up for $150. I have a matsuura...
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    Matsurra MC-760VX servo drive problem, 4th axis

    Hello, so stepping through this machine (if youve seen my other posts) The powersupply is now working. When i start the machine i get error 390, servo alarm. Its for the 4th axis. When i go look at the servo drive the seven segment led is not lit but the second green led "P" is on. The drive has...
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    Yasnac MX3 power supply fix / bypass? CPS-10NB

    Hello, From a previous post and trouble shooting it has been identified that the power supply (CPS-10NB) in the Yasnac Controller does not have 24V output. I have a couple questions related to this: 1. does anyone have a schematic of the power supply so I would trouble shoot the components? I am...
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    Matsuura MC-760VX, Yasnac MX3 Serial Communications problems

    Hello, This is an extension of a previous trouble shooting on this machine. I have got to the point where I am working on the communications to/from the Machine. I have a laptop and have loaded Cadems NCLite DNC software I have looked at the registers in the Matsuura to verify stop bits and...
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    PG error, Matsuura MC-760VX, Yasnac MX3, what is a PG?

    Hello, I am working on setting up a Matsuura MC-760VX I purchased from an estate auction. I was told it was running when the owner passed (was in the middle of a contract). I have 3 phase running to it (the same phase converter it was run on previously), When I power it up (pushing on once) it...
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    Greco Systems BTR, anyone have a manual? (MTI- 2PM050)

    HEllo, I just picked up a MTI-2PM050 on ebay to use on my old Miyano lathe, it didn't come with cables or manual. I can make a cable for power if I know the pinout, Im hoping the parallel connection is a standard parallel cable to plug into the machine, and then I am guessing I will need a...
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    Miyano 6BC lathe: is this a BTR?

    Hello, I am working on finally getting this CNC lathe setup. It powers on and appears to be operating correctly. I started looking for a BTR for this (Yasnac compatible) and I figured I should try to understand what I have here first. This appears to be an 'after market' addition to the machine...
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    52" Boring Mill / Lathe weight estimate?

    Ok everyone with a calibrated eye, What is your estimated weight for this machine? I need to tell a rigger how much it weights (approximatly) and I am not sure. I can tell you the chuck is 52" diameter That is about all the information I have to provide. Thanks!