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    5 axis time needed ASAP

    We have an urgent project that we need to run on a 5th axis mill. Do you have a machine with open time that we can rent and send a machinist to run? I will provide proof of liability insurance information as well. [email protected]
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    Makino A55e new 2001 90 ATC

    Fanuc Professional 3 CNC Control w/Color CRT (Fanuc 16i), Multi-Part Program Storage, (2) 15.7" x 15.7" Pallets w/ .001 Degree Indexing, Heavy Duty 14,000 RPM Cat-40 Spindle, Tool Life Monitor, Spindle Load Monitor, Rigid Tapping, Coolant System. Chip Conveyor. ​ 4 Axis Machine...
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    We need help with overflow!

    I don't post much in here, but I've used the forum for a while for advice from you all so thank you for that. We have several projects that have come up that we need help with manufacturing parts for our customers. These parts range from 3-5 axis for mills and lathes, some Swiss work, a bit of...
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    Mastercam vs. Esprit for overall CAM system

    All, We are looking to purchase a CAM system for our Okuma Multus. We have one company singing the praises of Esprit for just that machine, but we have a few guys familiar with Mastercam. The rep for Mastercam is suggesting a seat that will not only program the Okuma but our VM's, HMC, and our...