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    Plywood parts on CNC for aviation project

    Hello guys. My name is Marian, I am an aviation passionate from Romania. I am currently starting to build a WW2 fighter replica for an educational, nonprofit display . It will be made from wood(plywood, raw wood) and it will have wooden parts assembled. This is the website of my project...
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    PART for CNC on education project

    Greetings. Sorry to disturb you. I am running an European project called Bucharest Aerospace Museum (which also appeared on AVBUYER Europe magazine, june 2021). It's a free, totally nonprofit and educational project. For this initiative, I am trying to build a Mustang Replica for outdoor...
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    Replica Aircraft for Museum Inquiry

    Can anyone from here build/make for me as a sponsorship/donation a 1:1 aircraft replica for static display into a 100% nonprofit aviation museum ? Thank you.