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    Help needed identifying items from purchased toolbox.

    I bought a used Kennedy box and I'm curious what these items are or where they might have been used. The first picture is the one I am interested in. The second is just another drawer for context of the stuff I found in the tool box.
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    Large specialized fixture table

    My problem is that I need to perform basic metrology on fragile sheet goods. Think sheets of glass. Max size is around 5' x 10'. Measurements needed would be overall dims, skew, etc. All 2D. Something like a large fixture plate would work. But it needs to be a felt-covered float table as well...
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    How to pick the right straight edge length

    What is the minimum practical size for a straight edge to scrape in a Bridgeport Series 1 9x42? I am looking at dgfoster's 18" and 26" featherweight castings. Machine Tool Reconditioning mentions methods for using shorter SEs on longer surfaces but doesn't provide any guidance on the limits of...
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    Another Monarch Taper Attachment Clamp

    Typical used Monarch owner here with a typical taper attachment clamp long lost to history. I fabber-cobbled what is likely the ugliest TA clamp in history from the parts bin. Yes that is part of the original tool holder that came with the lathe. My end goal is to turn the TA into a...
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    WTT: Dumore tool post grinder for rotary table or surface grinder

    I'm looking to trade my 3/4HP Dumore tool post grinder for a rotary table or surface grinder (with cash to make up the difference as needed). I'm a home gamer and don't need top of the line equipment. I' m not scared of having to refurbish things. The Dumore comes complete with all of the...
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    '85 Enco Bridgeport clone with weird oiling

    I went to shim the gibs on my 2nd hand 1985 Enco knee mill and the gibs had no oil ports. Furthermore, there is a one-shot oiler installed but no oil line runs to the Y-axis ways nor gibs. And on the X-axis, the oil comes out of the hole for the gib adjustment screw and no where else. My...
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    16CY cross slide gib with only 1/16" in/out adjustment

    The video below shows my question better than a text post. In a nutshell, it seems that my cross-slide gib can only be adjusted in or out by about 1/16" before either one or the other adjustments screws are proud of the face of their respective ends of the cross slide. On the back side, this...
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    A1-8 to D1-6 Chuck/Spindle Adapter

    I came across a nice Rohm 12-inch independent 4-jaw chuck with integral A1-8 mounting taper and holes. My Monarch 16 CY has a D1-6 spindle. I had the idea to turn an adapter as pictured below to use a spare D1-6 mounting plate to mount the 4-jaw chuck. The adapter would fit the ID of the...
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    WTB 4 or 6" milling vise

    I just acquired my first knee mill and am looking for a vise. 6" preferred, 4" also OK. Looking for Kurt, Glacern, etc. Before I roll the dice with eBay, thought I'd check here. Also looking for R8 collets, end mills and pretty much any other mill tooling.
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    Experience fixing broken handles

    I have a 1944 16CY that had one of the cylindrical bosses on a gear-box selector handle broken off. I attempted to TIG braze it back on. The attempt was "successful" in that the parts are stuck together but it isn't pretty. It seemed like the difference between the base metal melting point and...
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    Vise Identification help

    I'm seeking information about the vise pictured below. My father acquired it while driving a backhoe from a job to our house many years ago. On the way he saw the vise and a heavy duty metal workbench sitting at a house. He stopped and bargained with the owner and ended up putting the whole...
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    WTB - Ugly knee mill - Memphis

    I am looking for a knee mill in a serviceable condition within a few hours of Memphis. Looking for $2,000 range which I realize isn't going to buy any beauty contest winners. Basically I'm looking for something between the $4,500 completely-refurbished Bridgeports and the $1,000 non-working rust...
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    How common are broken QCTP handles and what is the cause?

    I'm new to machining and have managed to get my hands on 4 different Aloris CA tool post. Three of the 4 had damaged or repaired threads where the handle that locks down the tool holder mates with the barrel of the tool post. I am curious how common this type of damage is and what causes it...
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    Monarch Mysteries - what are these holes for

    This is on a 1944 16 CY. I am new to machining and curious about the following things I encountered when refurbishing the lathe. #1 Saddle Hole This is a threaded blind hole in the face of the saddle that faces the headstock. What is it for? #2 Tailstock Hole This is an unthreaded blind hole...
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    Packing arrangement around gear shift shafts - 16 CY

    In an effort to stem the copious amount of oil leaking from my 16 CY, I dug out the old packing around the shift levers to replace it and found the arrangement sketched below. The label "brass washer?" depicts a brass-looking surface that I can only see through the annular space and I have not...
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    Oiler location for Clutch/Brake lever on 16 CY

    I'm looking for advice on where the oil line near the clutch fork should go. See picture below. When I first opened the headstock, the circled oil line was discharging at point A. But it sure looks like there is a relief in the fork for an oil line to discharge at point B. Any advice would be...
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    What is this thing? Bridgeport with 2 heads?

    I found this machine on an auction site with no other information and I am wondering what is the drive in the back of the machine for? Some sort of dual-headed mill for setting up 2 operations?
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    Drive sheave bearing removal on CY 16

    The clutch/drive sheave on my CY 16 was rattling and generally sounding suspicious so I pulled it apart and found some nasty bearings in the sheave. Looked like they hadn't been lubricated in years and what was there looked like black tar. The parts diagram from Monarch appears to show a...
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    Clutch adjustment on 16CY

    My recently acquired 16CY's clutch is quite noisey but only after being engaged then disengaged. In other words 1) Start up (disengaged) quiet 2) engaged quiet 3) disengaged loud I have the manual and understand how to adjust the clutch but don't know when or by how much or if my the noise...
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    Will I regret eliminating reverse direction on CY16?

    I have a new-to-me 1944 CY16 that came with a Furnas reversing motor starter setup with a solid state motor circuit protector. The MCP doesn't much like the power coming from my rotary phase converter so I'm in the process of replacing the whole starter/MCP setup. I plan on ditching the...