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    Servo Distribution Power Supply Wiring Help Needed

    Working to repair an 1996 Vf-0e. Removed a couple A/C servo drives for inspection. 3 months later I'm looking to put the wiring back together. Lost photos of the original wiring. Would anyone have a photo of where the 2 yellow wires from the servo distribution power supply are terminated...
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    Control Software Version

    Just starting to get my new to me VF-0E up and running and wondering is there a list of known problems/benefits with the various Haas software versions. Mine is a european sold machine and should have a door lock. Did Haas use the saftey switch as the door lock I can't find anything else that...
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    Which HRT for 1996 VF-0E

    I've just picked up an old 1996 Haas VF-0E with the 4th axis amp and wiring installed. On the plus side amps are for A/C servo's. Downside is the magnatek gpd 503 drive and not the vector drive. What is the recommended rotary table size and model for this machine. Regards, Mark