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    Tuning OLD servo board, Allen Bradley Bandit 3, KFLOP/Kanalog retrofit

    I'm replacing the original Bandit 3 CNC controller with a PC/KFLOP/Kanalog setup on my early 80's YCM-30 mill. I have all the encoders working, and the motor moving. When I tell it to move one inch, it successfully moves one inch in any direction, both measured by the encoders and actually...
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    Hendey Lathe Info, Serial number 11995

    Picking up an old Hendey lathe for free this weekend, been sitting outside under a tarp for a few years, but everything moves freely. S/N is 11995, any info on it? What is it's approx. weight? It had the head stock removed, no tail stock, no motor. I already have one (SN 10573, 14x6) that I am...
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    Oxy/Acetylene brazing for cast iron, what type of rods/flux?

    I have an old machine that needs various cast iron repairs. All my research leads to the best fix being brazing with silicon bronze. I have a good oxy/acetylene torch setup, no TIG. I've welded and done some brazing, but am an amateur. I've done enough and watched enough videos I have no...
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    Hendey Lathe Info, Serial number 10573

    Got this lathe when the company my dad worked for moved into a new building a few years ago. Finally got some to get it running, and was surprised to see how old it was. Just cleaning it up now. Any info on serial number 10573? I’ll post some pictures later today.