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    Need to make a new 10L cross feed bushing

    I recently picked up a 10L to replace my 9A but it's got a couple of problems I have to correct first, the main one being a broken cross feed bushing. I feel pretty confident I can make a replacement for it, but the way it broke I don't feel great that I've got a good overall dimension on the...
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    WTS Dumore Versa-Mil No.1

    Dumore Versa-Mil No. 1 with feed table and universal head. It's been torn down cleaned and repainted but still needs new seals and some reassembly. No idea what fair pricing would even be, can't really find any good references outside of Ebay / new pricing(which is nuts). It's just been...
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    South Bend 9a QCGB binding issue

    I'm in the process of cleaning up a 9a that looked like it set in the back of an auto shop of about 50 years. When I bought it, I could tell it had likely been tipped at one point because the heads were broken off of both gear box levers. I wasn't super concerned because it was VERY cheap and...
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    SB 10K Countershaft Drive Oilers

    I've got a 10k (2286KAR7) I picked up a couple years ago and I've been slowly getting it back into working order, cleaning rewicking and so on. I've largely finished everything except the drive unit and I ran into an issue. At some point in the past I think a previous own started greasing the...