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    2x72 knife grinder motor and VFD choice?

    I am building a 2x72 grinder for knife making. A topic of discussion is often how much HP, motor speed and VFD choice. Since I'm taking the time to make it I want to choose the best motor (speed and HP) and VFD for optimum performance. One argument says a 3600 RPM 3 HP motor. Another says to...
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    Simple need, but can't find

    So this might sound dumb, but I am looking for some small plastic storage boxes, roughly 4" long, 2" wide by about 3/4" to 1" deep. Basically, looking to insert foam cut to hold a tap and its corresponding drill bit. Danged if I can find any place that has such a critter that doesn't require a...
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    Tap question(s):

    So, getting ready to build a little machine (a 2x72 grinder) in 3/8" steel. Of course, I'll need to tap a few holes here and there. Like usual, I don't just go buy a generic whatever tool and and go at it, I want to "understand" more about the process, etc, etc. So...I did a lot of reading on...
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    VFD's, AC motors and a belt grinder

    Hello, Have read through a few threads here and it seems there's some quite knowledgeable folks when it comes to VFD's and motors, so I have question(s): I endeavor to build a 2x72 belt grinder for my knife making. Of course, I want to make it speed controlled with a 3-phase motor and a VFD...