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    Need Some Wood Shipping Crates

    I'm moving my shop and need some wood shipping crates. Size isn't too important, but I don't want anything bigger than 48" x 48". Does anyone in New Jersey have any to sell me?
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    Turning a Spherical surface - I'm confused!!

    I'm turning a part that has a spherical surface between two grooves. The grooves are 0.050" wide and I'm using a 0.043" wide round-nosed tool to cut the spherical surface. I set the tool length by toughing off and dialing in 0.0215" (its nose radius). Here's my code: G01 G42 X2.1 Z-0.139...
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Replacing the Way Cover Wipers

    Anybody got any secrets about how to do this? Holy crap - I've been at this all day and can't get the new ones in! The Haas video makes it look so easy.
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Drowning in Way Oil

    My machine's consumption of lube oil seems normal and I add to the reservoir at reasonable intervals. Instead of the spent oil being collected by the oil/coolant separator, however, it's all ending up right in the coolant. I haven't seen a drop go into the separator's catch tank in months. How...
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    Online GT&D Courses - Any Recommendations?

    I'm looking for an online GT&D course and there's a ton of them out there. Can someone recommend a good one (or at least tell me which ones to stay away from)?
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    Looking for Shop Space - Rochester, NY

    Jamscal: I think you're right about this. I haven't been able to accomplish anything with the realtors and that was the primary reason why I started this thread - hoping to get a "word of mouth" lead.
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    Looking for Shop Space - Rochester, NY

    Conrad: I'd like to be within a 20-minute drive of Brighton. Our business comes electronically from all over the country, so local business is not critical.
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    Looking for Shop Space - Rochester, NY

    Andy F: I'd like to stay within a 20-minute drive of Brighton. I'm looking to lease, not buy. We do not need any extra ceiling height. We don't need dock space, either - just doors big enough to get the machinery in (6' opening minimum). Three-phase power would be ideal, but we're currently...
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    Looking for Shop Space - Rochester, NY

    I want to move my shop to Rochester, NY to be closer to family. I need about 2,000 square feet. Does anyone know of anything that's available? Realtors don't seem too interested in small spaces like this. Thanks!
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    That will get it tangled with the tool changer.
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    Programmable coolant location is fixed and cannot be relocated without extensive modifications to the machine.
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    No valve on the discharge side of the pump except for a check valve to prevent backflow.
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    Haas Super Mini Mill - Controlling the Coolant Blast

    My Haas Super Mini Mill has the Programmable Coolant option. The problem is that in many cases the coolant ricochets of the part and carries chips up into the umbrella tool changer. Some of these chips stick to the tapers of the toolholders and prevent a proper fit into the spindle. I end up...
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    Cleaning the Shop Floor - Best Products

    It's time to bite the bullet and clean the concrete floor in the shop. What's your favorite product that's effective for getting rid of oil stains but won't cause corrosion on the machinery?
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    Parabolic End - How to Program for Turning?

    I have to turn a round bar whose end is parabolic. There is a mathematical formula that defines the X values in terms of the Z values. How can I program this in G code?
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    Inconsistent Tool Lengths

    OK - I took the same tool and loaded/unloaded it five times, measuring the spindle face to toolholder flange gap each time. I got four different values with a range of 0.005". I tried the same procedure with a different tool and got similar results. This seems to point to a problem with the...
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    Inconsistent Tool Lengths

    I have confirmed with an indicator that this is not a gaging problem.
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    Inconsistent Tool Lengths

    The mill is from 2008 and I am the original owner. I replaced the spindle earlier this year, so its surface is pristine. The toolholders and pull studs look fine; in fact, some of the pull studs are new. This problem seems to have come out of the blue. The machine runs every day and, until...
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    Inconsistent Tool Lengths

    The tool lengths in my Haas Super Mini Mill are not repeatable. Here's what I mean. Let's say a load a tool into pocket #1 and use the table probe to set it's length. I switch to another tool. If I then come back to tool #1 and probe it, the length will be anywhere from a few tenths to 0.008"...
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    DoAll DBW-15 Wiring Connections

    Removing my welder from the machine was a piece of cake. Remove four screws, tilt the welder out at the top. lift so the stop clears, and it's out!