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  1. Deerhurst

    Need help learning True Trace/making it work

    I have a big ol BP tracer mill (9x60 table) from 1980 with Synchro Trace 2 and finally got it powered last night. I know the system works (or worked) as I ran it as power feeds at the shop I bought it from before I purchased. It's got manual controls so I can use it in the meantime. Mostly...
  2. Deerhurst

    Need a little tracer mill help

    I just got my BP tracer mill wired up (yay!! Took long enough!) And while doing a function check noticed I'm not getting any movement at the table. The machine is a Syncho-Trace 2 with manual controls. I tried exercising the Z axis with "Trace" and "Retract" with no movement. Tried doing feed...
  3. Deerhurst

    Motor rebuilders? Motor replacement?

    Friend of mine at work's husband got a little old European lathe. Its built like a little tank complete with tracer and onboard coolant. Its probably a 10x30 or similar. Its a little guy but massively heavy in a complete cast chassis. Long story short they wired up their static phase...
  4. Deerhurst

    What leveling feet do I need?

    Not really sure the best direction to go for feet for my mill. Right now its on a 4x4 pallet so 5-6 inches off the floor. Im short, cant reach the drawbar and the table is too wide to just use a step stool without having to trip over it as I work. I work with Series 1 machines daily. Some have...
  5. Deerhurst

    Find MFG date and Synchro-Trace 2 manual?

    I recently picked up a beautiful old Bridgeport with a hammer head and a 9x60 table. It looks and feels like it has hardly been used. The mid 80s Series 1 I use at work is lightly used and way more worn! Anyways, how would I got about referencing the SN to figure out what year it was made? Ive...
  6. Deerhurst

    Noobie looking for phase converter advice

    I recently picked up my first piece of equipment to start my home shop and Im trying to figure out a phase converter. I am planning to add a lathe eventually. I have a Bridgeport with a 2hp spindle and a 3hp hydraulic pump (synchro trace 2). It has an electronics cabinet and all the motors are...