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    6-32 Taps...what did I do wrong?

    This thread has been a revelation to me, had problems with a 3/8" in EN24T, bought a spiral point (Aldridge HSS, Sheffield old firm? ), used but photo looked good, 4.99. 2 flute and much bigger body diameter. Cut it like cheese.
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    Image size

    What is the largest image size for posting here?. Have tried reducing my photo but the site says still too large.Is there a facility on this site to reduce image size?.
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    Precision Electronic Levels - Taylvel

    Not relevant to this discussion, I have acquired a Schaevitz LSOC inclinometer with 1 tenth arcsec res.100 bucks. It will detect my foot prints next to a 1500kg lathe. Also an ex MOD inclinometer with regular spirit level vials but detected by a capacitance between electrodes.
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    10EE / CVA Tailstock Dismantle

    Is that a metric thread in the Photo? One of my 2 CVA's is semi metric, the slides and rack are all metric, leadscrew and s/c gearbox imperial. Why?
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    10EE / CVA Tailstock Dismantle

    Mine too has this problem (CVA) the pin holes are beat up and my efforts would not unscrew it. Have to make a proper C spanner to fit.
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    South Bend model A, mechanical variable speed

    The belt on the vari speed pulley looks somewhat narrow, could be very worn or the wrong one. You may not be able to get full high speed. My Boxford VSL has a similar drive but the belt is probably an inch or so wide.
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    Lathe DRO retrofit - single axis vs dual?

    eKretz, in post 11 your photo shows 5 decimal places on the readout. Wow, 0.00001 res.
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    Ultimate CVA/ 10EE Drive

    I used a ground and polished ccmt insert intended for aluminium to reduce cutting force. Could take about a 20 thou cut in a tough EN24T steel bar. Drill 3/8 worked as well to my surprise. The insert seems undamaged as well. This is a more advanced bodge than my last one. Had to recut the seat...
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    Ultimate CVA/ 10EE Drive

    Lathe is in a container at present and I needed to turn something. Single phase 500W motor from a small table saw, mounted on a couple of blocks of wood, 12V to 240V inverter running from scrap car. Poly V belt from old washer direct to spindle. Does not have enough grunt to start but switch...
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    OT identify tool in blacksmith museum

    [attach=config]348457 I help out in a local blacksmith museum, which is an old smithy with much of the original still intact. This device is bolted to the floor and old photos show it in the same place. the lever arm is about 6' long. The word "Brevete" on the body shows it has a French patent.
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    Test indicator arm not moving

    One of my Compac (Swiss) DTI's would not move after being in storage for 8 years. When I turned it over the crystal fell out and the needle was now free. The plastic of the domed crystal seems to have shrunk and flattened enough to interfere with the needle. Had a similar problem with the...
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    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    Runout on inside of taper is 6 microns or 0.00024" The headstock bearings are knackered on this machine, you can feel notches as you rotate the spindle by hand. I pulled the front sight glass and there was a rusty nasty mess inside. I guess water based coolant has got in here.
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    CVA Toolroom Lathe - Auto feed disengagement

    My CVA operators manual says the opposite, and "Repeats to 0.002" ". The round pin however on both my machines had worn a flat - if the pin rotates not so repeat. Easily fixed with new pin and touching up the disconnect part.
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    Differences in a 10ee 1990 and an older spindle.

    I noticed the start of this thread, crash and hiding it by trying to regrind the nose. Hmmm I have a CVA, the 4J chuck I placed on it I could see a wobble on the periphery. On inspection the chuck has no contact with the short taper- about 0.008 runout. The short taper does not look right, seems...
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    Grinding the Jaws on 10" Pratt Burnerd 6-Jaw Chuck

    Have you checked the clearance of the scroll to the part on which it rotates? This messed up my attempts to regrind jaws. 0.2mm clearance and 0.2mm runout randomly.
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    Just bought a CVA

    Welcome to the club. I have accidently acquired 2 of these, both cost more to move than I paid for them. I have an unmolested copy of the parts manual if you need to take it to bits. These Monarch 10EE owners are jealous as they spend more time trying to get their drives working than using the...
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    Measuring roundness/rotary table repeatability

    I have a talyrond dating from 1978.(Bought for 50 notes.) The original purchaser, who I tracked down, said it cost around £18000 then and was calibrated to millionths of an inch. The gauge head seems to be a type of LVDT but with a different type of geometry. I connected a DVM reading in 0.1...
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    1962 Monarch 10EE 10x30 Tool Room Lathe

    Interesting to see the headstock lube system, the tubes delivering to the headstock reverse gears and the slider for fwd/rvs. Is there a pump here or are the straight cut gears flicking oil up somehow? My UK CVA has none of this, just splash. A diagram I have for a higher speed version seems...
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    Workholding - Thin round discs

    How much material would you turn into chips cutting, facing from round bar? I would guess a lot more than cutting discs from sheet. I used to make "Breast Phantoms" for medical use in the past. 1st time I used very thin double sided tape to stick a stack of discs together, turn round, perfect...
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    Cva mk1 help!

    I have indeed a manual for parts. Somewhere, but not obvious at the moment, I have details of the tooth pitches of the headstock gears. All I can see at the moment is that the larger gears are all 56T. If you need a scan of any of the parts or operators manuals I can do this. Regards.