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    16 by 18.5 monarch engine lathe

    Does anyone have the specifications for a monarch engine lathe 10375 16 by 18.5 engine lathe I need specifically the weight of the machine for transport
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    19”x42” Cincinnati hydrashift lathe

    This lathe has some strange poles holding up what looks like a shield for the chuck and a weird plate in the background I was wondering if anyone could clarify what they are and just if it is a good lathe? Also I’m sorry for posting so many threads like this I’m looking for a lathe that is good...
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    New tooling on old lathes or mills

    Can you use new or modern tooling on older lathes. I am looking at older lathes and some seem to need to have a new chuck or a spindle for the tailstock spindle. This is the lathe I’m talking about in particular...
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    Springfield 401 lathe

    I’m looking at a Springfield 401 lathe but I don’t understand the way they put in the power requirements. They put it as 3/60/220/440 and I also don’t know if it is a decent lathe the price is 2500. Here is the website that I’m looking at it on...
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    Victor s2060b

    I found a place with a Victor s2060b and I was wondering if there was anything I should look out for or if the machine is just a bad machine?
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    Unconfirmed lathe

    I am looking at getting a lathe and I found a fairly well maintained 1940s leblonde regal lathe. That is going for 2500 on eBay it seems to be a great deal but, I don’t know if it is worth it.