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  1. J

    Control voltage for 10EE

    What is the normal voltage for the controls? My square dial lathe has ELSR switches, the gearbox solenoid and a spindle lock safety switch. I’m pretty sure the speed pot is designed for 10volts, but I’m unsure of the others. AC or DC?
  2. J

    3 Phase DC Drive for 10EE (Polyspede SPEDESTER Series)

    I've been researching several drive systems for my Monarch. When I purchased the lathe it had the 3HP DC motor, but the rest of the lathe was gutted, no drive, no DC control panel, and no transformers. I've looked at AC motors with VFD control, the Beel Industrial Control D510-FWCH, and I've...
  3. J

    WIAD Pictures needed

    My 10EE was striped of all the WIAD controls including the actual drawer. Can someone post pictures of the drawer slides on the "drawer side"? The slide parts attached to the base were left intact but I'm missing the drawer.
  4. J

    10EE Spindle Motor Mounting Options

    I'm almost to the point of installing the spindle motor and gearbox into my project 10EE. It's a 57 square dial but missing all the original WIAD components. After discussion with Monarch, they sold me a 5HP A/C motor that came from one of their rebuild cores. It's on a rectangle base plate...
  5. J

    WTB Monarch 10EE Taper Attachment Bed Bracket

    Looking for a bed bracket for my taper attachment. I'm not interested in Ebay prices. If anyone is still casting, I would be interested in finishing it out. thanks, Jim
  6. J

    Couple of 10EE saddle rebuild questions

    I started tearing down my saddle today, but I ran into a couple of issues. 1. The oil supply line is broken. Based on the attached picture, what is your thoughts on trimming up the end and replacing the ferrule? I might have enough length to make it work. Is this a normal fitting / ferrule...
  7. J

    Tailstock end covers

    Both my 53 MG 10EE and my 57 WIAD 10EE were missing the end covers. Recently I’ve been able to find a couple of replacements, but they’re different design. One is cast iron and doesn’t have any vents, the other is cast aluminum and has two vents. The question is when did they change over and...
  8. J

    WTB: Sheldon Mill Arbor / B&S #9 taper

    I have a Sheldon Horizontal Mill that is currently fitted with a vertical head. I want to convert it back to a horizontal mill but I need some Brown and Sharp #9 taper arbors. Looking for either 1" or 1.25" arbors. Let me know what you have. "Admin" Please delete if this machine doesn't meet...
  9. J

    Gearbox lever disassembly

    Is there a special way to disassemble the gearbox levers on a square dial? I've removed the grub screw, but the ball will not allow the handle come out of the hub. Picture from Dave's ultimate restoration.
  10. J

    K&T #3 in DFW area

    Seems like a good buy. HORIZONTAL MILLING MACHINE - tools - by owner - sale Must have sold...
  11. J

    Carriage way wiper part number?

    I'm looking for the part number of the small wiper in the bearing block on the backside of the carriage. Two in each block... 4 total. Here's a picture of the old ones removed. I can probably make them, but I would like to have the number for future reference. And, if they're cheap enough...
  12. J

    Another DC Drive Thread

    So I think I've read most of the DC drive threads, but I'm still trying to understand the basic controls used during a the Parker 514C conversion. My WIAD drive is long gone, so all I have is the small frame motor. Can the Parker 514C, provide braking when the run is turned off (i.e. the...
  13. J

    Testing the DC spindle motor

    When I purchased my 10EE it was gutted of all the motor control/drive. However the 3HP DC motor and gearbox was still installed. I'm trying to decide a way forward, new drive system, AC motor with VFD, or Servo and drive. But first I would like to insure the motor will at least turn over...
  14. J

    Source for 10EE oilers

    Does anyone have a source for the original type oilers? I checked with Monarch and they sell an updated version, but they don’t have the same look. Thanks, Jdub.
  15. J

    WTB Cincinnati 2ML Handles

    I'm looking for the knee crank handle and the feed speed handle off a #2 horizontal mill. Let me know what you have. thanks, Jdub
  16. J

    Cincinnati #2ML spindle lock

    I’m just starting the restoration of a #2 mill. I want to remove an arbor that has been in the machine for several years. Can anyone tell me how to lock the spindle on a machine that’s not operational yet? Thanks, Jim
  17. J

    Tailstock clamping handle

    I finally started replacing my tailstock clamping handle with a new one, but I have a few questions. 1. Can someone post a picture of the handle in both the locked and unlocked position? Just want to ensure I have the right orientation. 2. Can anyone provide recommendations on how to clamp...
  18. J

    VFD control from the ELSR

    My new to me 10EE came completely gutted of all the drive control. I think it was converted from the previous WIAD to a different system in the past. Most of the wiring was in a two inch conduit that must have ran to a external control box. Given the lathes current condition I have opted to...
  19. J

    Collet closer Picture Request

    Can any of the Monarch gurus provide a picture of the collet closer that attaches to this 10EE? I would like to find one, but there seems to be different styles.