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    Wire EDM machine recommendations

    Greetings all, I know this subject has been talked about to death in this particular forum and I've searched and read many of the threads, However, I haven't really gotten the answers I'm looking for so here it goes. For starters, please be gentle, I'm pretty much an idiot when it...
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    Okuma LB15 position help

    I have an older Okuma LB15 that Im just bringing online and learning to program. Im having trouble with the G00 command. No matter what value I input for the G0 the machine will only go to the zero set position (x0 z0). The machine was originally set up for a bar feeder so im wondering if this...
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    RFQ. Sheetmetal parts

    Looking for quotes for the attached part. Cut quality must be good so looking for laser or high def plasma. The part is 2 1/2"x 3" and 8" long. Material will be 12ga cold roll steel. Quote without holes/slot as those will be drilled afterwards at our shop to ensure proper fit/alignment...
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    Phase Perfect PT380 30hp Digital phase converter for sale

    Hey guys, I don't post here much but I just moved to new shop with 3 phase so I'm selling my Phase Perfect PT380. I bought it new from the factory. Its less than two years old. Asking $6000 but open to reasonable offers. Email is best. send to [email protected]
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    Tap recommendation for 4140

    I need a recommendation for a 10-24 tap in 4140 steel non PH. It will be used in with rigid tappping in 1999 Hurco BMC. I will have about 60 holes to do and they will be blind and approximately .5" deep. This is a single part so I'm mnot real worried about optimum speed I just don't want to...
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    Need LB15 leveling fixture/help

    I am trying to re-level up my 1997 LB15II big bore and I don't have (never have had) a leveling fixture for it. Does anyone have one I could borrow/rent/buy whatever. Is there a really good way to do it on this model without one? I don't see any real good flat places on the machine.
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    Is Mfg.com going bankrupt/up for sale

    I heard Mfg.com is up for sale from one of my customers the other day. Is this true or is it just some goofy rumor?
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    20Hp Rotary Phase Conv for sale

    I finished hooking up the last of my machinery to my Phase Perfect so this is now available. $800 I will palatalize at no extra charge buyer pays for shipping. pm me if interested
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    Has anyone here ever replaced the resistors in a Yaskawa drive?

    I'm fairly certain the braking resistors are burnt out on my 1999 Hurco VMC. I get a spindle load alarm fault anytime the the spindle brakes for a tool change from speeds above 2800 to 3000. If you manually reduce RPM slowly the spindle load increases but does not fault. Anyhow, we've changed...
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    Questions about 02 tool steel

    I have a European based Co. requesting parts made from 90MnCrV8 which is AISI 02. First question is what is the benefit of 02 compared to 01. I called Carpenter because I believe they used to make a brand of 02 called Stentor, the sales person had never heard of it but in her defense she...
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    Okuma OSP700 and SMW FS-65 Manuals

    I have a small lot of manuals for sale. Was cleaning out my office and these are manuals I either have doubles of or they are for machinery I don't have. The manuals in the picture are the exact ones you will receive. I really don't want to piece it out all or none $50 +USPS flat rate box...
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    VFD , Phase converter, and equipment for sale.

    I have bitten the bullet and purchased a Phase Perfect due to the plan of relocating falling through. That being said I'm looking to unload some of the phase converter stuff to offset the cost. I have the following items up for sale. The rotary is still in use and won't be available for a...
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    FS- SMW Omnibar 65 Barfeeders

    I have some bar feeders I'm looking to get rid of. I bought an Okuma lathe on auction and these came with it. I'm checking to see if there is any interest here before they go to ebay or CL. I'm not sure of there condition other than they look to be in fair condition and I was told they were...
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    1996 Okuma LB15II Big Bore specs NEEDED

    I just bought a 1996 Okuma LB15II Big bore with two bar-feeders at an auction and I need a weight and floor dimension for shipping purposes. I need them ASAP if any one can help. Long story short, I put in a low-ball absentee bid for everything and ended up winning, now I'm under the gun to...
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    CNC tap holders 101

    High Guys This is going to seem like a very dumb question to some but I'm looking at flex (tension/compression) CAT 40 tap holders for my VMC and I guess I don't understand. The holders show a range of taps that they will accommodate but do they use collets or do you have to buy a quick change...
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    OT- I month smoke free

    Today marks my one month quit smoking anniversary, I quit December 18. I just had to tell someone. I still crave em like no other:drool5: but I do feel better...even with the 10 extra pounds.
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    Cincinnati CNC lathe advice

    I've begun the long process of researching and pricing used CNC lathes. What i'm looking for something in the 6"- 9" chuck range and the machine has to be less than 20 hp in order for me to power it. Price is also a huge consideration. I've seen a lot of clean Hawk and Falcon series lathes for...
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    Hurco BMC 2416 ATC arm

    I finally got the arm on my 2416 adjusted right so it changes tools. The problem is it seems to actuate from 0 to 60 VERY hard and very fast and slams against the tool holders. When it does this, the arm eventually slips on the end of the shaft which requires me to re-adjust/reset it. My air...
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    @^#%$ irwin

    I was watching TV last night (which I rarely do) and on came this bleeding heart, heroic, "respect the trade" celebration advertisement from Irwin Co. This company has the gall to try and celebrate the American tradesman after shuttering U.S. plants and moving the manufacture of their goods to...
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    Inconnel Scrap?

    I just finished a large Inconnel project. I was cleaning up chips and I was wondering, should I be separating and saving the swarf? Is it worth anything for scrap in "chip form"? The raw materials cost so much it just made me wonder.