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    Mounting a 3" 3 jaw chuck in a 6" 3 jaw chuck to hold work by a small ID

    Hi, I'm a hobbyist. I just sold my 8x12 lathe because I purchased a 13x40 lathe which is a lot nicer. Yesterday I needed to hold a flange shaped like an isosceles triangle by the ID of the hole to cut a groove in the face and realized that the hole was too small to fit over the jaws of my...
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    What are the advantages/disadvantages of using larger indexable tool holders?

    I'm not a professional. I've been using an 8x12 lathe for about 10 years, but I just bought a 13x40 lathe and I'm in the process of buying tooling. It came with a 200 series Aloris clone and I want to buy some indexable tool holders. My first thought was to buy the biggest tools that would fit...