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  1. J

    angle grinder guard types & sizes

    I just bought a Milwaukee 4 1/2"-5" angle grinder to upgrade from my old Ryobi. I don't do a whole lot of grinding (probably obvious, since I'm talking about a 5" battery powered grinder), and either guard and disc types have multiplied since I bought the Ryobi, or I was never aware of them in...
  2. J

    dating dayton motor?

    Is there a way to date a Dayton motor? I've tried to Google and search on here, but couldn't find anything. This is the motor on my '46 SB Heavy 10; I imagine it's not original, but I'm curious as to how old it actually is.
  3. J

    changing heavy 10 spindle wicks as preventive maintenance?

    I've been reading through the forum the last couple of days, and now I'm paranoid about the oiling on my '46 Heavy 10. Should the spindle wicks be replaced as a matter of age? I don't think this lathe has seen a lot of action, but it is now almost 75 years old. I've got the superfinished...
  4. J

    right metal thickness for refrigerator defrost/cold diverter pan?

    I have an old fridge in the garage that is missing the pan that sits under the freezer to deflect cold air away from the refrigerator section and also catches water if the freezer happens to start defrosting (it's the piece with the Kelvinator logo in the attached picture). They're pretty...
  5. J

    stopping a crack from spreading in plastic?

    I have a plastic (ABS, I assume) fuel tank on my truck that cracked a while back. I could not for the life of me find a replacement tank, so I used some JB Weld gas tank epoxy. It held, but now the crack has spread. If I drill the new end of the crack before putting more epoxy on, will that...
  6. J

    do i need to/how can i make this crappy cast aluminum weld better?

    I have a cast aluminum camshaft holder from a motorcycle that had an ear on it snap off. The ear holds the rod for the tachometer output, there's a worm gear at one end that meshes with a gear on the cam that spins the rod to register the engine RPMs. It cracked off pretty cleanly, so I just...
  7. J

    connecting compressor lines without twisting

    I'm redoing my air compressor connections, and walking through it in my head I'm having trouble seeing an easy way to avoid twisting something. What I'm trying to do is this: compressor outlet valve->lead-in hose->regulator/drain->lead-in hose->hose reel. There are also a couple of street...
  8. J

    centering oblong workpiece in four-jaw chuck

    I'm trying to center this piece in a 4-jaw chuck so I can re-drill the hole in the center, but I'm not having much luck. I managed to get it down to around .005 once, but I blew it out, had to start over, and haven't gotten anywhere near that since. The boss in the middle has an OD of .480 and...
  9. J

    minimum wall thickness for drilling aluminum?

    I have an aluminum part that I need to drill out to install an EZ-Lok insert. It's an M6x1 insert, which requires a 3/8"-16 thread to install. That needs a size Q bit (.332"), but it's going into a boss sticking out from the main body of the casting that's only got an OD of .480". If I can...
  10. J

    need help replacing very old v-belt on lathe

    I have a SB Heavy 10 lathe with a 1 HP Dayton motor on it. The V-belt on the motor is shot and needs replacing, but from what I can figure out the current belt is so old that it predates current standards. The only markings on it are "GULF V 27", which I can't find anything useful about...
  11. J

    rookie questions about live centers

    I recently bought an old Heavy 10 that I've been trying to learn, and I ran into a couple of issues with a live center that I hope somebody can help me with. I was using the live center in the tailstock last night with a piece that I had drilled out with a centering bit, but I noticed that...