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    Measuring carbide insert nose radius

    Hello all, We do short run prototype and never go thru a box of inserts or even use all the sides of the inserts. Once done we keep them in a seperate box not to mix with the new ones. Is there an easy way to find out what each inserts nose radius is? How about a cheap digital microscopes...
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    Replacing Y axis linear rails on Matsuura.

    Hello. Come to find out the y axis rail blocks are leaking ball bearings and the rail does not look too good. Wanted to see if replacing is doable. I am pretty hand around machines but never a job this big. Looks like I need to lift the table off the X axis to get to the Y axis blocks and...
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    Manuals for CHEVALIER FSG-3A818 Surface Grinder

    Hello, I have tried Chevalier but with no luck. They dont go back far enough??? Machine is from the mid 90's. All the models do look very similar. Mine is the automatic 8x18. After installing the machine the hydraulics wont power on but the spindle and the rest of the accessories are...
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    Leaking electricity from transformers.

    Hello, We have been super slow recently, so when I got our last utility bill, I was shocked to see the bill. With no machines being turned on, the bill was still huge so I turned off everything in the shop and clamped an amp meter to the main line coming to the shop and was surprised that we...
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    Amada HFA-250 rear vise not clamping

    Hi, I got myself an older Amada HFA-250 bandsaw and all is good but the rear vise. In manual mode I can clamp the front and rear with no problems. Once I place the machine in automatic mode, the rear vise moves back to clamp for the next cut but starts going back and forth searching for the...
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    CNC Mill tool height setting with probe

    Hello, On one of our milling machines, we have the luxury of a tool height probe. The way renishaw recommends to set the tool height is to use a master tool for calibration and then find the height of the part using the same tool every time to find your G54 Z height. Can I use a Haimer as my...
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    Amada Bandsaw going from 460V to 220v

    Just got an Amada 250 bandsaw that was wired for 460. I need to get the machine to run on 3 phase 230. I changed both the main motor and the hydraulic motor with the proper 230 wire configurations. :D That was easy. Now to the hard part, the machine wont turn on and for the life of me I cant...
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    Amada h250 going from 1" blade to 1.25"

    Hi all. Just got my hands on a new to me amada band saw. It seems like there is 2 versions to them. One with a 1 inch blade and the second with 1.25. Has anyone gone from one to another? I don't see much difference between the two?
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    Machine dwells until the next tool is ready!!!!

    Hello, Just to elaborate, whenever I do a tool change and get the next tool ready, the machine goes into a dwell until the next tool is ready before it starts cutting again. I am loosing a lot of time per tool change. Mitsubishi wasn't any help. I am using a Fanuc-18 controller. Any help will...
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    Inverse Time with Yasnac I80

    Hello, As the title states, I am trying to do full 4th axis work but cannot get it to work with the Yasnac I-80 J300. The Fanuc uses the G93 but I cannot find any inverse time on the Yasnac. Anybody know the equivalent to the Fanuc G93? Thank You!
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    Beveling/chamfering machine

    Just wanted to get some input from people who used a beveling machine. Are they truly worth it? I was thinking of chamfering aluminum plates rather then using a file or a deburing blade. We also do a bunch of custom soft jaws for the mill and was curious if they save time and elbow grease...
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    Bridgeport clone dust cover removal

    Hello, I have a Bridgeport clone milling machine and the Y axis metal dust cover is banged up in the back. Is there a way to remove and replace without removing the table? Any tips or tricks? Thanks in advance.
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    Older Machines Lacking memory using HSM

    Hello all, We have an old kitamura mycenter with Fanuc-0 controller that has a whopping 128k of memory. With the new HSM machining strategies, I see a lot of potential but the bottle neck for us is the memory. The machine is a beast with 10k and pretty fast rapids for its age. With dual vises...
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    Mitutoyo duel beam height gage replacement

    As the title implies, my digital height gage took a crap on me so its time to get new one. Just wanted to know if its better to move up the ladder and get something like a B&S Tesa or a fowler trimos? I use mine primarily to check the heights and run the indicator to check parallelism and...
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    Daewoo turret clamping issues

    Hello, Here is the issue I have. Late 90's daewoo puma 2 axis late. The machine will index just fine in CW direction, but sometimes in the CCW direction it gets hung up. The turret un-clamps, rotates but will not fully seat itself. What I have done to it so far, replace both solenoid valves...
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    CNC Lathe nose runout

    Hello, We got our hands on a Daewoo Puma 2 axis lathe. When indicating the spindle nose taper I get about .0003 TIR and the face is off by .0005. I can live with this, but after attaching a brand new collet chuck, I get over .001 of runout and that is not acceptable. There is no bearing...
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    CNC lathe live center

    Hello, Coming from the milling side with very little lathe experience, I was wondering what the experts do in a case were you are turning a shaft which eventually becomes very small in the O.D. Lets say the part is fairly long and you are using a tailstock to hold the end. At some point the...
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    calculating dividing head

    Hello, I am trying to machine a 71 teeth gear. I have a dividing head with a 40:1 ratio. I don't have many plates for this dividing head. How do you figure out the right number of holes per plate for this application?
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    Polishing lexan ( see thru )

    I have a part of 1.5" diameter and a axial hole of .25 that is .5" inches deep. I need to polish(see thru) this part both outside and inside diameters. The outside seems doable, but the inside hole lyes my problem. I have searched online with no results. They also need to be +-.005 in the...
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    Roughing or variable flute enmills

    We need to slot some cold roll steel material using a .500 end mill. Last time we used a carbide rougher, but this time I want to try out the variable flute end mills. I cant seem to find any speeds and feeds for the carbide rougher to compare to the variable flute end mills. Which would you...