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    Image size

    What is the largest image size for posting here?. Have tried reducing my photo but the site says still too large.Is there a facility on this site to reduce image size?.
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    Ultimate CVA/ 10EE Drive

    Lathe is in a container at present and I needed to turn something. Single phase 500W motor from a small table saw, mounted on a couple of blocks of wood, 12V to 240V inverter running from scrap car. Poly V belt from old washer direct to spindle. Does not have enough grunt to start but switch...
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    OT identify tool in blacksmith museum

    [attach=config]348457 I help out in a local blacksmith museum, which is an old smithy with much of the original still intact. This device is bolted to the floor and old photos show it in the same place. the lever arm is about 6' long. The word "Brevete" on the body shows it has a French patent.
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    Removal of spindle bearings from 10EE shaft

    As per title, this is not about the removal of the entire spindle with it's bearing's etc but taking off the front end bearings from the spindle. It would appear that you have to use the front outside bearing retainer to push off the bearing stack, which places the force on the bearings to...
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    I notice Mr JS is still listed,as moderater, I like that as an act of courtesy. Regards.Tom
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    10EE Bearing contact angle and preload

    I have a CVA lathe in the UK, same as a EE but with a gearbox drive and styling like a 60's housing scheme. I have looked through the references to bearings on this site and have seen 15 angle for 10EE bearings. The various mfs cats list bearing stiffness for different contact angles. However...
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    Running 4 hp motor from 1.5kw (2hp) drive. Can work ok.

    I have been using a Telemechanique vfd rated at 2 hp on a CVA lathe, 4hp on the motor. Works very well, use 2 second ramps for speed, up and down. It would seem that one can use a very underated drive in these situations if not using full capacity of machine or motor. Comments?
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    Does an inverter present a purely resistive load to supply?

    I am asking power company for a new connection. This will be for a new build domestic house plus my workshop. When I mentioned "workshop" and "4HP" electric motors the serious grilling started, what type of motor, starts per hour etc. I am asking quotes for 1 or 3 phase supplies. I think a...
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    OT How do razor strops work?

    This has puzzled me for a long time, OK if there is some fine polishing compound on the leather but on straight leather? I recently bought myself a Solingen Dubl Duck blade, honed it briefly on an Arkansas Hard Black stone. (Thank you the Hiram.A. Smith Co, bought when I was 18). This stone...
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    10" 3 Jaw too big for 10EE?

    I have just acquired a TOS 3 jaw, external jaws only, 10" diameter. Bit of a spontaneous buy, but cheap. Would you regard this as too big to swing (moderate speeds)on EE equivalent (CVA)on D1-3 mount? Regards,
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    Design of 10EE bed and clearance of front flat to saddle

    I own a CVA lathe or 2 in UK, the bed and most parts except for drive are similar to 10EE. I have noted in this forum that the subject of clearance between the saddle and front flat way has been discussed, however it would appear that no satisfactory conclusion has been reached. My CVA lathe...
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    Refitting parts after scraping to fit

    During a brief discussion with Mr King on the scraping course in Germany we discussed the point that, shall we say a lathe saddle was fitted to a reground bed. When the apron was to be refitted it may be distorted when bolted down. Any experience or comments?
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    German scraping class 9-13 Nov 2015. Thank you for all involved.

    I would like to thank all those involved in setting up this class, including, but not restricted to: Mr King, our senior lecturer Jörg Huttelmaier at the company HDC Huttelmaier Adrien(sp) Filipp Pachamow at Biax Fellow students Regards, Earl Sigurd