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    430FR Suppliers...where to find

    Help me out guys, i have better luck finding solid gold bars And yes i already googled it. it seems all the go to guys are out of stock. Where are you finding your nowadays looking for 1.0 dia and greater thanks
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    Pin gaging tolerance question. HELP

    So i have a part with a 1.125" bore, 3.00" deep, not a blind hole. total tolerance on the bore is .0005" Also has a surface finish under 8 material is 300 series Historically we have checked this with a bore micrometer and have had no issues. Recently the customer has switched from using a...
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    Looking at a new(to me) Okuma MC-V3016...thoughts?

    Hi all, Im looking at adding a new mill here. specifically V3016. its a 2001(older but were moving in the right direction) Right now, im primaraly 3 axis VMC with a robodrill set up with a hass 5c indexer. I have 2 okuma mills around the same vintage that i absolutely love. this machine is...
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    Buying the shop I work for

    Hi All, Hoping to start a running thread for advice throughout my journey. As the title says, I have been offered the opportunity to purchase the shop i work for. Currently My position is GM/Director of operations I have been here for 11 years and started at the bottom. I know the...
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    New Micro 100 catalog

    everyone likes to flex a little:) Take a looksy at the front cover. My shop was used for the pictures for the quick change system a few months back. Great team of people, awesome tools New Products
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    Is Long Island Indicator Repair still around???? havent recieved my indicators back!

    Hey guys, so i sent 3 of my .0001 Interapid test indicators out in April and havent heard anything back. sent multiple emails and tried calling against the recommendation on their web page. i have used them in the past and everything went smoothly. dont know if they closed up shop and my...
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    machine replacement, what to buy next?

    Hey Everyone, I need help picking out a new to me machine. BAckround: we have a mycenter 3x that has the counterbalance cylinder break(sheared both bolts off in the casting) its a late 90's model and has been a very good machine running 50+ hours a week for 20 years. 90 percent of our work...
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    shop swag...thoughts?

    Hey Everyone, Just wanted your opinion on shop "swag" ie: shirts hats jackets..that sort of thing. For those who have this for their employees, do you think you see any return on it? Im pretty sure it would be a rare occasion you would make a sale from someone seeing your logo out in the...
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    Wireless Program transfer

    Hey everyone, So ive been looking into this but wanted some feedback from those who have walked this road before. We have 15 machines i would like to connect. they are older fanuc/okuma/mori controls--all currently use RS232 on a lap top that i have to drag around and takes a beating. Ive...
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    Removing motor form Kondia Varispeed mill

    Removing motor from Kondia Varispeed mill Hi Everyone, I have a Kondia Mill im trying to remove the motor from. Im stuck trying to get the pully off the shaft so i can pull the motor. One place i saw referenced two tapped holes in the spring loaded plate on the bottom of the motor to release...
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    Best way to ship 5.500 dia rings x .07 thick....2000pc?

    Like the title says...most of my stuff usually fits in a 12 x 12 box..parts are plated and tight tolerance so i have to wrap them as well(Any suggestions?) i feel foam would make the whole thing too bulky and i would end up with 50 boxes...so i was thinking paper bags? im not opposed to a pallet...
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    Kitamura mycenter 1 pallet Chin Loc alarm

    Hey everyone, I have a late 90's mycenter 1 pallet VMC. I dont use the pallet change option on this machine due to its location in the shop(poor planning before my time) anyway i have had this alarm pop up twice before and i unfortunately was out both times it got fixed. I know its a sensor...
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    need help programming z axis tool path

    Hey guys, I need help figuring out how to get mastercam2019 to program a xz radius. essentially i have a part that is a portion of an arc(think like this smiley face :D except the rads are parallel. the part is 2mm thick and i have to put a full radius on the edge(standing up in a VMC ) Im...
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    stellite 31 supplier

    Does anybody have a source for this stuff. Ive tried kennametal...they refuse to quote me raw material..but they will quote me a finished pc:nutter: I google search and see a few chinese suppliers, but this must be DFARS and id like to buy domestically ideally looking small dia (.625-1.00") thanks
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    Best way to clean out G10 from a VMC

    I just finished running a 6month project all in G10/FR4. Im going to have the guys empty the coolant vacuum every last bit of glass out, flush the line and do it again My question/concern is these dust like particle got into the ball screws and will wear out the machine much faster. So i was...
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    question on GDT Parallel per inch

    i have a 5" dia disk .500 thick that calls a general tolerance of parallel .002/in does this mean i have .002 for every inch on the dia or .002 for every inch on the thickness
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    need help milling large dia

    hey all, im making a section of a 60" dia "L" shaped bracket. ive triple checked my mastercam drawing and tool parameters. the issue is the outside dia is coming in .231 undersize and the inside dia is .353 undersize. ill post the program, the math doesnt seem right N2 G0 G17 G40 G49 G80 G90 (...
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    HELP Fanuc 18-t work shift

    Nevermind all i need to do was use my eyes:(
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    Where are all the Machinists

    Seriously, I must have interview 40 people in the last 8 months or so and not one bonafide grade A machinist. i know were a smaller shop so we dont have the draw and allure of the big boys,(GE is 15 min up the road one way and Raytheon is 15 minutes the other way) but still what gives. Ive...
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    HELP! machining both faces at same time and still not parallel

    i have a 2.75 dia OD shallow cup looking part. .350 oal with a few steps(turned dias on one side ) and a 2.0 dia flat face on the other side that tapers 2 deg. the OD also tapers 2 deg. the cup side is 2.5 ID and about .200 deep. On my Mori i finish the ID and rough the steps and OD cutoff...