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    External Vibration Causing Poor Grinding Results

    About a year ago I started noticing poor results from our CNC tool grinder, primarily showing up in the od relief grind finish of end mills. The grinding between the primary and secondary relief was somewhat wavy. Video inspection showed peaks and valleys of .0002-.0008. The odd part was it was...
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    Truing a shaft/cutting tool after heat treating

    I am making a couple of HSS cutting tools (M2) and have just had them heat treated. The diameter of the tool blank is 1-3/8". It is 4" long. A 3/4" x 2-1/2" shank will be the end result. I machined the shank to .775 prior to sending out. I now need to finish grind the shank to size then flip it...
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    Heat treating M2 HSS

    I am looking for someone in California who can properly heat treat M2 HSS. I have very little to send out, but need it done fairly quick. I have two pieces of 1-3/8" x 4" round for 2 cutting tools I am making. Can anyone suggest a good company who will do such a small order? Thank you, Mike
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    Advice on purchasing Kent KGS-1020AHD surface grinder

    I have a 2nd opportunity to purchase the same surface grinder. Last October I saw it in a Government contractors plant and was told it was being sold. I don't want to say who, but it is a national company. I tried to purchase it but was told it has to go to the contracted scrap company. The shop...
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    Help identifying taper/shank style on large milling cutter

    I was sent this 63.5mm 8 flute end mill for regrinding and am trying to figure out how to hold it. I am not even sure what the shank is. The outside is tapered from 2.812 to 2.988. The inside of the shank is hollow and measures 2.200. I called Widia and although they were very helpful, they...
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    Looking for new/used universal grinder

    We have outgrown our brown & Sharpe 13 grinder and i have been looking into purchasing a new or used universal grinder. We have primarily been grinding small pins and shafts for our local industry. I have a 4 jaw chuck and have adapted an Er32 collet system to work in the headstock. What the B&S...
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    RFQ on water jet / laser jet cut 6061 aluminum pieces

    I have a customer looking for 120 pieces of the attached picture. I was hoping to have them water or laser cut to reduce the cost over machining. I am in California, but am open to anyone in the USA making them. The material is a 1/2x3x3" 6061 aluminum angle with one leg cut down to 2". Please...
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    Parts / Accessories needed for Brown & Sharpe 13 Universal Grinder

    I picked up a Brown & Sharpe 13 about a month ago and have now put it in place and started running it, mainly some testing and very minor operations for jobs in the shop. It did not come with a tail stock. I didn't think I needed one for the operations I was going to be doing, but now am sure...
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    Purchased a Brown & Sharpe 13 - Am in need of parts for it

    I just got back to the shop with a Brown & Sharpe 13. The machine itself is in good cosmetic condition, but the only accessory it came with is the power workhead and a 4 jaw chuck. The power table traverse works well, but the hand movement of the table seems as if it is going to need work. I...
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    Looking to upgrade our tool grinding capacities - thinking of purchasing Deckel S11

    Hoping to get some Deckel guys in on this thread...... We are a small grind shop with a lot of different capabilities. Like most sharpening shops, we sharpen/grind many different tools, from carbide saw blades on CNC equipment to end mills and router bits on manual machines. We do quite a few...
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    Cincinnati Monoset help

    I have a Monoset OE, and have a couple of questions if anyone can answer them. The first is in regard to the tilting chuck. I need to make sure it is level after tilting. There is a rod that is used to set the chuck, but I don't have it. Can someone out there advise me of the exact dimensions of...
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    Omron 3G3EV Inverter Question

    I have 2 identical Walter Woodtronic machines that use an Omron 3g3ev inverter to control the speed of the spindle motor. On our first machine, I have adjusted the speed of of the motor as needed, following instructions from Walter. We just purchased the 2nd machine and in the process of getting...
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    Tree Milling Machine - Question Regarding Particular Use

    4 months ago I acquired a Tree 2UVR milling machine. I am not a machinist, rather own a sharpening/grinding shop and need it for only one application, boring out the arbor hole on saw blades to our customers specs. It cost me only $200, but was partially disassembled, presumably to repair, but...
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    Cincinnati Monoset Help With Spiral Lead

    I have been learning to use our Cincinnati Monoset recently. I have many questions, that I cannot find answers on with any of the earlier PM Monoset topics. I will limit this post to the spiral lead since it is the current source of problems. The spiral lead mechanism has backlash. That is, it...
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    Help Identifying Mystery Collets

    I purchased a Cincinnati Monoset recently and several different types of collets came with it. I know what most are, but am having a tough time figuring out one set of very small collets. Here is a picture of just those collets...
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    Cat 50 3 Jaw Union Chuck

    I have a Union #4 chuck with a cat 50 mount that came with a tool and cutter grinder I purchased some time ago. I had never used it, and now have a need so I mounted it in the cylindrical attachment to check it out. It has approximately .015 runout 1" from the jaws when checking a piece of 3/4"...
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    Oil resistant splash guard fabric

    I need to replace one of the splash shields on our Walter Woodtronic grinder. We use a mineral oil for coolant and it tends to react with alot of different materials. I have spoken with a couple of different upholsterers, who claim they have the right stuff. Each time I have asked for a sample...
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    Identifying Cincinnati T&C Grinder

    This is my first post, so hopefully I get the pictures right. I may purchase a pair of Cincinnati #2 tool & cutter grinders. I know they were made for many years and in quite a few different configurations and quality levels. The ones I am used to seeing have two, approximately 2" knobs on the...