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  1. J

    takisawa tc-4 help

    takisawa tc-4 with 15t fanuc control. Can some one explain how to properly touch off tool on work piece?
  2. J

    Looking for a deburr lathe

    Any of u guys out there in cyber space tell me where I can purchase a speed lathe to deburr small parts?
  3. J

    Lookin to buy a Cnc

    Any Of u boys tell me anything about a 1997 Hyundai Cnc are they worth a darn?
  4. J

    3phase converter

    I'm gonna be using a 3phase converter to run my lathe any of u boys out there using one and if so how's it workin for ya?(Cnc lathe)
  5. J

    Takisawa tc-2

    I'm looking at buying a takisawa tc-2, with fanuc controls. is anyone familiar with this machine ? Is it a good reliable machine?