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    Info on Becker Lincoln Horizontal Mills?

    I just found an old Becker Lincoln horizontal mill and fell in love. The image below is from lathes.co.uk The outboard support for the arbor with its own ways must close the structural loop beautifully! Does anyone have information on them?
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    Images of my new line-shaft, and I need a steam engine now!

    The die is cast. No more debating the line-shaft as I have acquired a main-shaft and 6 counter-shafts. They do not all match so I still need to acquire or make a few pulleys... But seriously, does anyone know of a suitable steam engine available? I have some big electric motors which I can...
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    I need to scan and print a gearbox cover for an old (1919?) American Radial Arm Drill

    My new radial is missing its gear-box cover. Does anyone have one I could scan so that I can print a replacement? Note the exposed gearing
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    Info on 24" Point Street Planer

    I also acquired a 24" Point Street Planer. I can find nothing on the internet. Does anyone have catalogs, manuals, adds, or anything?
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    Spindle Speed for American Radial Arm Drill (4ft)

    I also acquired a Radial Arm Drill from a line-shaft shop, without main or counter-shaft pulleys so rpm is unknown. It appears to be similar to the 1919 model so the original spindle speed was probably 300 rpm max. However as high-speed tools became available the max. spindle rpm soared to 1200...
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    Info on early Cincinnati No 2 Vert.???

    I just purchased an old No 2. I can find a lot of information on the old Cincinnati horizontals, but almost nothing on the verticals. Can anyone steer me to sites with the old documents? My first decision is spindle RPM. The machine came from a line-shaft, but without main or counter-shaft...
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    Identification of new LeBlond

    The modern syntax of LeBlond serial numbers is number-letters-number. My new lathe is just 812. The folks at LeBlond Ltd. could not do anything with it. Can anyone reference a 3-digit serial number? The 1911 catalog shows a very similar lathe on pages 34 and 35 (21" on 8' bed) Mine is...
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    Safety training for use of old machines

    I have a growing list of folks who would like to be introduced to the use of old machines. While this is great, I must take precautions that they finish the introduction without major drama. Are there safety programs already prepared which I could utilize to address not only the usual risks of...
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    Resurfection of LeBlond 27" Heavy

    That was intended to be "Resurrection of LeBlond 27" Heavy, but the spelling checker bit me again! Some of you were following the "FS Big LeBlond" thread, and this is the next phase of it as I am purchasing the lathe and must start planning it's return to life. If you missed the previous...
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    Were any vintage machines run of 50 Hz power in the USA?

    I just purchased a LeBlond built in 1919 which originally had a 3 speed motor which operated at 1500, 1000, or 500 rpm. That works for induction motors with 4, 6, and 12 poles on 50 Hz, but no pole configuration provides the speeds stated on 60 Hz. Can someone illuminate me?
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    My Collection of 3 LeBlond Cutter Grinders (the best pick-up line ever?)

    Is there a single lady on earth who would not find it compelling to review my LeBlonds? No? Well, it makes no difference as I have been happily married for over 100 years... but at least my neighbors will be impressed! (no, not actually). It happened sort of by accident, but here they are...
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    Request for bidders at the Hilpipre Machine Shop Auction

    I won the two LeBlond cutter grinders, but I suspect that parts of the grinders ended up in cabinets and misc. lots which someone else won. If any of you ended up with the following parts and want to sell them just send me a PM. They include the footstocks, the workheads, and the tooth rests.
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    New LeBlond No1 and No 2 Cutter Grinders

    I won the LeBlonds in the Hilpipre Auction. (I paid half of what I expected to for them, but lost 10 other items I was bidding on to folks who wanted them much more than I did!) I have the LeBlond brochures from Mr Honey, and the manual from Carbide Bob. What other resources are there to help...
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    3D Printing as a Tool to Sustain our Old Machines

    Yesterday Metalmagpie posted an interesting (and generous) case of repairing his Canedy-Otto with 3D printing. As the cost of scanning and printing declines it is obvious that this will become a very valuable tool in the support of our old machines. I suggest that we start a library in which...
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    Vintage Carroll-Jamieson Metal Lathe at auction

    I have no relationship with the auction house or lathe owner, and know nothing of the lathe's history, other than it must have been built a bit after 1910 as it bears a patent number from 1910...
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    Old LeBlond on Auction

    https://bid.sheridanauctionservice.com/lot-details/index/catalog/25074/lot/3774693?url=%2Fauctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F25074%2F%3Fpage%3D1 The link is to a lathe being auctioned on the 28th. I have no connection to the sellers, and do not need the lathe, but there appear to be gears in the pan...
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    Hand scraping of ways, particularly Hendey, and on steel

    My Hendey-Norton Universal Mill is broken so I am performing my first major exploratory surgery on it. I found the scraping to be in perfect condition, but of a style I had not seen before. I have read that the casting is steel rather than iron, so traditional flaking would not have been an...
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    Stories of visits to machine tool builders

    I have enjoyed the thread on visits to great manufacturing facilities, so how about stories specifically about machine tool builders? I will start with the following... In the 80's I was working in the "new" LeBlond factory (it opened around 1917). You will note the smokestack from their own...
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    Disassembly of Hendey-Norton No 2 table

    With help from a previous post (mainly from John Oder) I determined that that I have a sheared key or pin between the red and blue circles (with he help of a borescope) So my idea was to hang the table from the overarm support, remove the retaining bolts, and lower the knee to expose the...
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    Homemade rotary table for Hendey-Norton No 2 Universal Mill

    I could not find an dividing head to replace the one that was lost from my machine sometime over the last hundred years, and I need continuous rotation more than dividing or indexing, so I built a rotary. An old Mori lathe was the donor for the housing (formerly a boring bar holder) The...