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    Single tank dual pump air compressor setup/hookup

    The approach that I think would get respect would be to say, "I'm having this problem. I've looked at this(1) and this(2) but still have these questions." It shows that you've tried, it shows what ground you've already traversed, so I think people would be more inclined to give an intelligent...
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    New Featherweight Angle Plate in the Drawing Stage. Metrology and Setup Versions to be Made

    I'm always in favor of self checking possibilities and it seems like the narrow edges will need to be finished first to get a self-check reference that can then be used on the wide vertical face. That is, unless one uses parallels at the flat face to develop the reversal and double angle error...
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    Straight Edge Scraping Questions

    Wildo, your wiring setup is pretty similar to what my old employer called a 'suicide cord'. There was a specific application for it - used with care.
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    New Featherweight Angle Plate in the Drawing Stage. Metrology and Setup Versions to be Made

    I'm not sure if this has relevance to design and use of a square or not, but I noticed something using cylindrical squares I hadn't considered. I've got a short one and a rather taller one. Even though both seemed 'heavy' because they're solid cylinders, I found that the shorter one got moved...
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    FS Small collets, rubber-Flex , double angle and watchmakers

    I'll take a chance on the group 3 collets. PM to follow.
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    Can't get nut started on thread

    Or a triangular file if it's just the last thread or so that needs work. Or, if all else fails use a regular file and just work your way around the shaft filing off the offending thread and try to start on the next one. You probably have plenty of threads left.
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    Converting horizontal mill to gear hobber

    John Stevenson (god rest him) did demonstrate hobbing with a horizontal mill some years ago. He had an encoder on the milling spindle, a stepper on his gear box holding the work and an electronics box to calculate the synchronous movement of axes.
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    Getting small internal threading bars in a hurry

    Wow, there's a poke from the wayback machine. Not long after I'd moved from the toolroom to tool engineering the company decided they needed a wire EDM. And of course they needed the programming and they bought into software that started in France with the US rights having been bought by a...
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    Getting small internal threading bars in a hurry

    I'm probably in the crusty old fart category. Back in the late 70's when I was in the toolroom they had a Deckel grinder and I think they still had the pantograph but they no longer used it. Same with the rotary head mill. With changing times and shop specialization they farmed out that kind...
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    Lots of luck -- for all the reasons already listed.
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    How to make a gauge tool?

    I can imagine a completely different approach. It would take off on the antique indicators that were simply a lever with a pivot near the short end so it multiplied the movement. Instead of reading thousandths, it would only have marks for the fractional increments. And it would be faster...
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    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    IIRC Forrest had also done some research on different pigments and rating their suitability. Some were somewhat abrasive because of their particular grain structure and some had particles that were larger than desirable. Red, blue, yellow, black and white wouldn't be the only options though...
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    Getting small internal threading bars in a hurry

    I don't think there could be a standard answer to "what to do." It would depend on how you want to juggle the factors of customer satisfaction, reputation, job profit and probably others. One might just say "sorry" to some customers you don't care if you see again, but bite the bullet and just...
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    rough finish

    There's no practical way to actually diagnose it from a distance and what you've said, but the fact of the change from at first makes me wonder if the bearings have gone out of adjustment. There should be a slight preload, but if they weren't quite fully seated when it was first set up that...
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    Craigslist funny time!

    Heck, I might have bid on that garden cart if someone hadn't stolen the wheels.
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    lathe cutter height setter, how does this work?

    Not quite enough. And if you knew what the average number was, how would you use that? Everyone has some number that represents the kind of work they do, their preferences for how to work, and the money they think they can invest in tooling.
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    Abused Biax BL-40 teardown (and fixup?)

    In my opinion as well you don't need a lot of different abrasive grades. I also modified a carbide grinder to put a diamond wheel on one end and a lap on the other. I thought I might need progressive grit lapping plates, but in use I can rough to shape and do a rough sharpen on the diamond...
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    Harrison VS330TR full bed regrind with saddle turcite underway 2022-10

    Nice grit catching setup. Inexpensive and good enough.
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    Tolerances for sealless hydraulic cylinders

    Hydraulic systems use check valves if they really need to hold position. When I was in a Case plant a few years ago, they had recently moved from selective assembly as the only way to get satisfactory fit, to diamond tooling. At least that's what they told us. The company I was with was...
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    lathe cutter height setter, how does this work?

    I've never been drawn to the level devices either, but to give it its due, it would also work from a chuck in the tailstock.