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    Tool & Die, Plastics injection molding shop machines for sale. Located in Trenton NJ, and Feasterville, PA.

    Tool & Die, Plastics injection molding shop machines for sale. Located in Trenton NJ, and Feasterville, PA. We have a forklift, dock, and ground height door, and can load most of the smaller equipment on a flatbed at no cost. Machines are listed elsewhere, and we have machinery dealers coming...
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    MRO Manager Machinist/toolmaker/General

    We are looking for a general machinist/MRO manager for our factory. Maintain injection molds and stamping dies, CNC lathe work, fixturing, injection molding setup & operations, general assembly, machine maintenance and repair. This is an all-around position. Experience required. Trenton NJ/...
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    Famco 50 Punch Press manual or parts diagram

    Does anyone have a Famco 50 Punch Press manual or parts diagram?
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    Philadelphia area 10ee service?

    One of our 10ee's has developed a slight 'thump' on the carriage travel. I think it's a chip stuck in the works, but none of my people want to chance taking apart the carriage. Does anyone know of a service provider in the Trenton-Philly-Central NJ area?
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    10ee carriage feed issue

    One of our 10ee's carriage feed is slipping, won't stay engaged. Any ideas?
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    WTB: Daewoo Puma 10 (ca.1989) for parts

    I need turret parts for my 1989 Daewoo Puma 10 turning center. New parts price for the 3 parts is over $4,000 for a gear ring and coupling. Anyone have a Puma 10 that's destined for the scrap heap?
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    Opinions on KIA?

    I did searches for KIA CNCs on the forums, but nothing came up. Anyone have opinions/experience with KIA turning centers? I'm seeing a lot of them available. I'm looking for a live-tooling turning center to replace my worn-out Daewoo Puma 10.
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    MANSON micro 10ee

    Have you seen this? eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices I see these come up every couple of years. Really cute, but no threading or taper attachment... :0 You could buy a full size ee for the same price, but the shipping would be a...
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    Looking for live tooling lathe opinions, Monarch

    I'm looking into adding a live tool CNC lathe to replace our Daewoo Puma 10. A dealer has a '96 Monarch Predator CNC Lathe with Live Tooling and Sub Spindle, $34k. I'm looking for opinions on the lathe, and the value. Any help? :)
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    Ebay 10EE

    Anyone see this one on ebay? MONARCH 10EE LATHE NO reserve | eBay It's not too far for me, and I have an extra MG panel. Waddaya' think?
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    Add-on live tooling for cnc

    I have a Daewoo Puma 10 (1988) that we bought used about 6 years ago, and am very happy with it, except for one thing-Too many secondary ops. I've been thinking about how to add some simple live tooling for light, cosmetic cuts. I once made a toolpost grinder for my hobby lathe by making a...
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    '48 M-G drive parts

    We recently completed a VFD conversion to one of our '48 M-G 10ee's. We have the DC motor (Unknown cond.) with back gearbox, Relay panel, & Ohmite rheostadt available. I would prefer to sell as a lot. Free loading. Anyone?
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    Fanuc 10T Adding a program

    I need some help with my Daewoo Puma w/Fanuc 10T. I'm trying to pull in a program from my laptop (G-code text). The screenshot below is where I get stuck. I tried this once and dumped the memory on the lathe, so I don't want to do that again. Any help? Thanks, Scott...
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    Oldest metalworking lathe?

    I did a forum search, but came up empty: What's the oldest metalworking lathe we know of? I remember seeing a foot-powered lathe in the silversmiths shop in Colonial Williamsburg, but the guide did not know if it was a replica. 1890's lathes still seem pretty common, whose got something older...
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    EDM Technology Corp. Wiring diagram

    We have a 1990's EDM Technology Corp. model Omega B sinker. The manual does not have any wiring diagrams. Does anyone have wiring diagrams to share or sell? Or how about a parts machine?
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    Model A Monarch?

    Can anyone offer an opinion on this Monarch> MONARCH LATHE - eBay (item 300413305260 end time May-01-10 10:24:48 PDT) It's nearby, and I would be interested, if it's a good deal.
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    10hp VFD Smartmotor conversion

    FINALLY, after 4 years, we had some time to do the VFD upgrade to one of our 1948 MG 10ee's. I bought this off ebay as "working well", only to find on arrival that the MG set had been replaced with a transformer that provided limited speed ranges. See threads...
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    10ee Ohmite rheostat

    I was having some issues with my 1948 M-G speed control. After inspecting the control pot/rheostat, the contacts appear to be worn out. These contacts don't look replacable, either. Is there a replacement control rheostat that will substitute for this? Or does anyone have a good used one for...
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    BRUTE Vertical mill belt change

    I have a Brute brand (Taiwanese?) 3hp vertical mill with a variable speed head. I don't have a manual, and have not been able to find one on line. The belt has shredded, and I need to replace it. I've looked at a Bridgeport manual for their procedure, but it does not appear to be the same...
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    CNC machinist, NJ/PA

    CNC SETUP/OPERATOR/MACHINIST We have a position open for an experienced CNC machinist. If you are a self-starter with initiative, this position is for you. You will be responsible for setup, tooling, operation, troubleshooting, and inspection of CNC parts. Work in a small company environment...