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  1. Apostle

    Cutting a Radius in a Thick Aluminum Stock

    I want to cut a 3 1/2" diameter half circle out of a 2" thick piece of Aluminum stock. I will be using a metal band saw. I know there is a rule-of-thumb to figure the maximum blade width allowing this 1 3/4" radius curve to be smoothly cut. Does anyone know the max width blade for this job...
  2. Apostle

    Question: BP Series 1 Quill Handle

    I have a BP Series 1, 2J machine. I'm replacing the spring in the quill handle. The spring assembly will be here in two days. The question is: When the quill is in the down position, is the spring assembly designed to retract the quill to the up position, or does it just hold the quill in...
  3. Apostle

    Reinserting the quill in a BP Series 1, 2J head

    I have dropped and removed the quill from my Series 1, 2J head (with Kurt power drawbar). Is there anything special I must know about reinserting it once it's back from spindle regrinding? Some have cautioned me about the "shim collar" in the quill assembly, saying that the two screws at the...
  4. Apostle

    Bridgeport Series 1 - Am I nuts??

    I almost purchased a beautiful 2018 Bridgeport Series 1 machine at auction. Hah, I quit bidding when the bidding shot through $18k. However I got the bug to get a "new to me" machine. I've located a very nice 1986 machine down converted from CNC and, after rebuilding in 2006, has seen only...
  5. Apostle

    Wanted: Hardinge or Aloris Tool Post and Tool Holders

    Wanted: Hardinge or Aloris (AXA wedge-type) tool post and assorted tool holders. Watcha got that's no longer needed in your shop? Best, Mike DiGirolamo, Charlottesville, VA. [email protected]
  6. Apostle

    Have you ever seen on of these?

    Have you ever seen a portable 3 phase generator?? Has anyone ever seen a small, gas-driven, THREE PHASE, portable power generator? I remember waaaay back, while in the USAF, seeing those HUGE generators on wheels, but I'm talking about a smaller unit, maybe 3-5 HP, 120V, 240V and/or 480V...
  7. Apostle

    FS: Nice Selection of 1 1/4" arbor Horizontal Cutters

    SOLD SOLD SOLD FS: Nice Selection of 1 1/4" arbor Horizontal Cutters I have a 1" arbor on my Rockwell Mill and cannot use these beautiful cutters that are made for a 1 1/4" arbor. Most are carbide and in like-new condition. Sharp. $65.00 + shipping gets them right to your door. Paypal is...
  8. Apostle

    WTB: Tapmatic 50 TC/DC

    Looking for a nice Tapmatic 50 TC/DC tapping head with 1/2" shank. Hoping it comes with collets and wrenches. Email me with what you have.. Thanks, Mike [email protected]
  9. Apostle

    Searching For Elementary Books on Surface Grinding

    I've recently acquired my first surface grinder, a Harig 612. It's been quite an experience restoring the machine and I'm writing my story for later posting. I'm a serious hobbyist that's searching for a book(s), perhaps a textbook, that covers the use of surface grinders. I have books on...
  10. Apostle

    HELP - Computine Horizontal Mill Table Feed

    Hi Guys, I am stumped! I have a Sheldon No. 0 Horizontal Milling Machine on its way to my shop. While I'm pretty familiar with many machine shop operations (lathe, vert milling, welding, etc), a horizontal mill is new to me. I've had very little experience running one. I've been...
  11. Apostle

    Looking for Machinists and or Tool & Die Makers - Retired or Otherwise!

    Looking for Machinists and or Tool & Die Makers - Retired or Otherwise! I'm a retired optometrist with a serious hobby of precision machining. I've always enjoyed working on machinery and would like to befriend any experienced machinists who would like to talk about and share some of their...
  12. Apostle

    For Sale: Emco-Maier Super-11

    Emco-Maier Super-11. Meticulous owner. Gently used. Fully tooled. Honestly, this is a dream set-up for someone seeking a precision fully-tooled machine in excellent condition. Photos available. Contact: Mike, DrD at 2020 dot com
  13. Apostle

    FS Emco-Maier Super 11 -- Loaded with Tooling

    Emco-Maier Super 11 in excellent condition loaded with almost all imaginable tooling. The only accessory I do not have is the milling attachment. It came from the estate of a dear friend & colleague - a master mechanic who built steam models and clocks. It was purchased brand new by him and...
  14. Apostle

    Question about Taps

    1. Can someone tell me when it's best to use a 3 or 4 flute tap instead of a two flute tap? I understand that chip clearance would be greatly enhanced when using a 2 flute tap but is it more likely to break or is this the case with a 4 flute? 2. I've broken a 4 flute tap in a piece of 1/4"...
  15. Apostle

    Cutting Oil - help needed in finding..

    I am trying to locate a certain type of cutting oil that was once used commercially. Back in ca 1970, I worked as an EE at Parker-Hannifin Corp in Irvine, California. Though I worked in a separate building from the machining facility, there were times I attended meetings on “the other side of...