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  1. M.B. Naegle

    Flat Belt Driven De-magnetizer?

    Trying to find it again, but in one of my old turn-of-the-century machinist books there was a section talking about grinding, and there's a drawing showing a demagnetizer on a work bench, one of the classic boxes with the two plates on top, but it had a small flat-belt pulley on the side...
  2. M.B. Naegle

    Unknown tooling with mini lathe

    In regards to why Atla$ and similar machines are not discussed here, It's always been my understanding that it has nothing to do with CAN you do professional work on them because yes, many have. It's that they are not known for those fringe applications, but they are known as a hobby machine and...
  3. M.B. Naegle

    Doosan SVM 4100 in a garage?

    I think now would be the time to get a higher door frame put in. The machines only get bigger....
  4. M.B. Naegle

    To Flat or Not to Flat?

    If there's no flat on the end-mill, you might as well just hold it in a collet as IMO that would provide more holding power than in a Weldon holder without a flat.
  5. M.B. Naegle

    Correcting nod on round ram bridgeport

    Perhaps a picture showing what you see, or how yours is configured? Traming the head front to back... is just that. Use knuckle behind the head to tilt it for or aft so that when tight, it's square. I like to put a bar in the spindle to push off of the vise or the table, using the quill or the...
  6. M.B. Naegle

    Who writes the website articles? Are they accurate?

    I suppose that's one use of them. In other words, checking a radius you cut if it's the actual radius you want. Using it to check for a bumpy surface doesn't make sense to me either. I tend to use them the most in copying or reverse-engineering parts to see what nominal radius most closely...
  7. M.B. Naegle

    Straight Edge Scraping Questions

    One thing to add when shopping for a surface plate: IMO the real value in a "good" granite surface plate has less to do with it's composition or country of origin and more to do with how flat it was made. Buying a new plate you should receive a certification with it that tells you what was done...
  8. M.B. Naegle

    Taper cutting tool for Moore Jig Borer tool holder storage

    I use a couple of wood tool holder boards originally made for R8 tooling, with no modifications.
  9. M.B. Naegle

    Unknown / mystery lathe chuck thing

    We used to have one similar to that with our old Colchester Clausing. Never had the chance to use it, but my assumption was with bsg, just another flavor of driving plate. Perhaps not having it cut through makes it stronger and easier to cast?
  10. M.B. Naegle

    Straight Edge Scraping Questions

    There's too many loose variables for me. Having a surface plate that is known to not be flat but not having a consistent way to know by how much, while also scraping a straight edge who's shape won't keep it straight..... If it was me, I'd buy or borrow a better designed surface plate to do your...
  11. M.B. Naegle

    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    No it works fine. It would be nice not to have to walk behind the machine though to toggle between coolant modes. I think the factory setup let's you control it all from the front pendant.
  12. M.B. Naegle

    Modern Vise Options for VMC

    We're a Kurt shop too, and typically have bought new vises to go in new machines or when we need an extra station, but any old machines we have or have bought get the hand-me-down Kurts from our other machines. If you can get "name brand" vises used, it's a practical investment as a well loved...
  13. M.B. Naegle

    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    When we bought our last VMC from Doosan we didn't realize that air and coolant hoses were extra until the machine was on the floor, so we did the DIY thing. More than likely, our next Doosan will include those features however considering our time to round up and install the components. Our DIY...
  14. M.B. Naegle

    Round Ram Bridgeport Question

    The serial number on the knee is the only other place they stamped information. Most BP knee mills I've seen didn't have the model stamped on the door, the model on the head tag was the only help in locating information, while the serial on the knee was the only help determining year of...
  15. M.B. Naegle

    Understanding old Mercoid Electrical Switch

    OK, so it's essentially an explosion proof switch. It's back in one piece, but is simpler than I thought. The mercury vials are the only contacts wired, and the copper plate behind the lever appears to only be a detent plate. The switch has to be upright to function, but in one position one...
  16. M.B. Naegle

    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    Everything I've ever read and been told has been that while there are substitutes for white lead, nothing is quite as good as it, which is the primary reason I want to give it a shot. That and I want a better base-line for how the old stuff works compared to what's around today. I bought a 4oz...
  17. M.B. Naegle

    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    I found a recipe for Prussian Blue in one book. "The English and American Mechanic" by B. Frank Van Cleve, 1889. It's a nifty book with a lot of Machinist Handbook style charts and information, but the last 1/3 of the book is all recipes for various lacquers and coatings, soft metal...
  18. M.B. Naegle

    source for cannode blue and yellow (or red)

    I just bought some powdered pigments to experiment with. I've got Prussian Blue and Red Lead for printing, as well a some White Lead for center lube (lots of warning labels on that one). Bought them from here: Natural Pigments I'm going through some old books for "recipes," but what carriers...
  19. M.B. Naegle

    Round Ram Bridgeport Question

    Not all of them have fore/aft mechanical movement. Bridgeport Lathes.uk has good pictures showing the generational variations. If yours has an additional vertical vertical hex bolt in the back, I think it would have fore-aft movement. Without that you just shove it around when the clamps are...
  20. M.B. Naegle

    Brown & Sharpe mystery item

    Looks like "Genuine Brown & Sharpe Quality" to my eyes. Construction doesn't strike me as the level of quality I'd expect from them, and that an "advertisement" stamp as the only marking, so I'm with L Vance that it was something shop made from B&S material. It looks like there might be some...