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    Naka Slant Jr. Tailstock Extension?

    On our Nakamura Slant Jr. cnc lathe, the hydraulic tailstock is threaded as in photo. The manual is a bit confusing as to whether the tailstock max protrusion from its housing is 5 inches or longer. If we get workpiece needing tailstock center for support and the hyd t stock isn’t long enough...
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    Electro-arc feeder box issue

    We’re using what we think is an electro-are tap disintegrator #2-dbt, or it looks just like one anyway. It has the auto-feed box with shaft running thru column to the 4-spoke hand wheel. Vertical head movement using that wheel is fine but we want to use the auto-feed. When switched on, the...
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    Nesting Collets

    CNC lathe takes 16c collets, but we don’t have let’s say 7/8” needed for aluminum shaft to be threaded. We do have 1.25” 16c collet and 7/8” 5c collet that is 1.25” od and slips right into the 16c, to be held by friction when hydraulic collet closer activates. The 7/8 aluminum rod would be...
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    Dividing head, what’s missing?

    Older dividing head seems to work fine except there’s obviously a handle thing missing over the exposed portion of these gear teeth (between hole plate and side of head.) I can’t find a brand name on this head. Please tell,me what’s missing and what function I’d recover if I make a replacement...
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    What insert does this use?

    No marks but the yellow label. What is the insert data I need to order some? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/kM7TH2. Site wouldn’t take my pix direct, so the link.
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    Do all T25M inserts fit same tools?

    I ask because I was shopping online for inserts needed for a tiny boring head that takes four t25m, I installed one to check, fits fine. Then I look online and unless it is an optical illusion, there are different shapes of insert that are all called and marked t25m. Yes I’m new to the insert...
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    Mystery arbors, go to what?

    File too large, so The only detail not shown is a threaded 1/8 in. Coaxial hole in center of small end. What are the two longer items please? Arbors for some small horizontal mill maybe?
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    Morton multivise no. 2, need pics of handle

    I have a Morton Multivise 2 without handle. I’d like to make a replacement handle close to the original. Here’s only pic I could find online, so I’d like a few pics of an original.
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    Purpose, process for this 1-piece die?

    Here’s a 1-piece steel die, source unknown, 3 x 0.5 in., blackened by Evaporust. The image is a tumi. What was purpose of this die? process?
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    Unknown big pin thingies, whatfo?

    Here are some, they come in surplus lots in batches of assorted sizes, no idea where they originate. They measure about 45 HRC so they aren’t bolt blanks.
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    Proper name and function of this tool?

    I think this is a specialized square. In any case I’d like the correct term and function. Having trouble posting pix to this site so using link. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/60fd3e
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    Substituting for arbor screws

    Sometimes there’s no correct arbor screw for holding a face mill to an NMTB50 arbor and we use a SHCS and thick washer cut down to fit the hole in the face mill. See pic. Is this particularly dangerous or something everyone does? I found “real” arbor screws at Shars reasonably and ordered a...
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    Tooling or Projectile?

    This was sold to a friend as an antique expanding projectile for a muzzle-loading cannon, said to have been excavated in an area of the US active during the Revolution and War of 1812. I’m checking with the experts in that field and none yet have seen a projectile just like it. It is 4” dia...
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    Weight of Cinci #3 combination mill

    Looked at mill pictured, maybe to buy but my largest fork is 10k lbs, this thing looks like it is a good bit heavier. Gent in photo is 6 ft. Tall. I need to know weight, very capable unit in decent condition but if I can’t move it….
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    K&T 2D, How to install belt on motor pulley?

    Employee trying to install belt onto motor pulley, the bronze one that’s spring loaded and moves it’s sides apart sliding on the axle. We don’t have the service manual, neither does Vintage. How do we keep that pulley as wide as possible, or whatever one does to get the belt on.
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    Best way to put neat holes AR550 steel

    Friend needs to put a bunch of 1/2 in. Holes in 1/2 in. Thick AR550 steel. Asked me, but I’ve never even seen the stuff. What technique/tooling would you recommend? He has small shop with Bridgeport, drillpress, and a few other things.
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    Need manual,for Kanon height gage EHK3003

    Got this used and it seems to work but I’d like to get the manual so I can get full use of all the functions.
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    Special angle plate, why?

    I called Suburban Tool, whose Id plate was on the red angle plate, who said they had nothing to do with this modification. There’s a linear ball bearing with 1/2 inch bore screwed to the back. I have no idea why that was added. Maybe a common addition? Any ideas? Looks like someone wanted...
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    Accessories for what machine?

    None of the pieces seem to be marked. It looks like something from Moore but there’s no Moore tag on the box. Wharzit go to please? I can’t recall how or when I got it.