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    Advice for a younger generation.

    To start with, most importantly, what have been doing career and education wise the last 10 years? Motherhood stuff? Learn. Learn engineering, business, sales, accounting etc. Especially sales...business starts with a customer. Understand what separates a great business from a dog; it is...
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    OT: What are Reaction Score and Points?

    Was wondering about this reaction score as well. If I go into my profile I've got 4042 likes, but I click on my name in a post the reaction score -209. WTF? Nobody is that low. I guess I can be a dickhead sometimes, but someone must have been talking to my wife!
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    Cost to lap and or calibrate granite surface plates?

    I'd prefer the kitchen counter
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    Business Strategy/Entrepreneurship thread for metal shops

    The creation of a company takes about 10 minutes and a credit card
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    new format - a thumbs-down

    Definitly find it less visually appealing. Might ask for my money back :)
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    Own a few machines; wondering if a business partnership is best (I am w/o exp.)

    My suggestion.... 1) get a job so you are not economically sliding backward 2) set the machines up in your garage 3) spend evenings and weekends reading and doing, become competent. Between practical and written, you can teach yourself an amazing amount......and there is zero point in thinking...
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    Converting from Quickbooks 2019 desktop to online version - any issues or problems?

    I'm running whatever version they sold in 2013, multi seat, works great. Well, as great as QB can be. The ONLY thing so called "support" is needed for is for the ever changing payroll function. I felt it was more efficient to use a payroll service so I could care less about QB payroll. Just...
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    Craigslist funny time!

    Great deal for any of you guys in the Peg. Machinist level: works fine but has lost its fluid $100. machinist levels | Hand Tools | Winnipeg | Kijiji Um, so in other words it doesn't #[email protected]$!(^ work all!
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    Vimar/ATF Forklifts.....any comments or insight on them?

    lots of blame for chaos to go around, isn't there? I agree on the evilness of the deranged P-word, but disagree on your assumptions about China's role/position or that the nation or Vimar forklifts currently deserve boycott. No decision made yet but the goal is to buy the best value for the...
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    Vimar/ATF Forklifts.....any comments or insight on them?

    The points you guys are making is why its not a no brainer for me. There is a local dealer. The China plant was TCM, TCM merged with Nissan became UniCarriers and moved production to Chicago where they had capacity in an old Nissan plant (all as the story was told to me). The plant in China...
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    Vimar/ATF Forklifts.....any comments or insight on them?

    I need a new forklift and am thinking of this Chinese brand. Experience for decades has conditioned me to think made in China = low quality. Lately there's been some challenges to my bias, a branded camera gimbal and 3D printer have both been excellent. (I've maintained that once Chinese...
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    Milling an inverted V way

    at the risk of being pedantic, an inverted V has the V upside down sticking up, like most lathes have. I assume you mean milling a V shaped trough?
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    Customer wants to cancel order

    In this case, I would phone purchasing and ask "why they got an engineer yelling at me that this should have gone to a friends shop and must be cancelled. We've bought material and schedule the job" you might find its the engineer who gets cancelled. On cancellations in general, we'll often...
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    Collets to hold drill bits

    If I had to hold an undersized drill in a collet, I'd try a bit of brass shim of the right thickness as a sleeve around the drill TeachMe, I thought the issue was not enough daylight so no room for a chuck?
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    Ban political discussions

    One like isn't enough!
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    Ban political discussions

    I don't have a side. And I believe (know) somethings, like economics or what is going on in the world or even what a government is doing can be intelligently discussed without politics entering it. But that (imo) is not the issue. You can have those discussion without it being "your guy is...
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    Ban political discussions

    No its not. Just because some makes a grade school taunt at you, doesn't mean you must/should respond. "I know you are but what am I" fades away pretty quickly as childish nonsense when unanswered...until another child answers
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    Can you recommend a metal finishing machine?

    I'm my shop's does it all finishing machine. I'm expensive, miss lots of crap, frequently break down, am very high maintenance, difficult to operate, produces all manner of disturbing creaks and groans and can be both finicky and temperamental to keep running. Parts are not available and while...
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    Drilling a .004" hole.

    I've got a Servo, nice machine, but between its speed and the simple rig I post above (giving great sensitivity), one would be better with the rig than the speed imo. The ultimate set up might be the sensitive table coupled with a collet headstock like the Levin shown above....perfect sensitive...
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    Drilling a .004" hole.

    What Screwmachine said....he's one guy that would have experience with this. Not sure where the idea that you have to have fantastic speeds comes from. The guys who do it, watchmakers, use a few thousand rpm or less What you need is concentricity and sensitivity. I've got fancy little drill...