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  1. M. Moore

    Anilam Handy Pulser

    I am interested if Keith passes. A posted price is always a good thing and will win you some friends on the PM.
  2. M. Moore

    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    The taper on my 13 x 40 is proprietary. As far as I know DSG made their own but that may have changed for the later models.
  3. M. Moore

    Problems with oxy fuel cutting.

    Memphis, I have cut 1/2” and 3/4” Cor-ten steel and it cuts fine with normal gas pressures and cut speeds using oxy-propane. So I don’t think it has anything to do with copper in Cor-ten steel. I had the exact same problems with 10 and 11 gauge steel and I was using a cnc. Cyanide, the point...
  4. M. Moore

    Problems with oxy fuel cutting.

    I tried everything when I was attempting to cut 10 or 11 gauge sheet. Hot and fast doesn’t mean anything unless you have some evidence to back it up? What size tip and how fast was the travel speed? 11 is 0.132 and 10 is 0.118 and that is quite accurate when I measure my sheets. I was...
  5. M. Moore

    Amada RG25 press brake: pump accidentally ran backwards

    Running it backwards should not hurt anything. I spent hours trying to fix the coolant pump on my lathe. In the end all I had to do was add more coolant! Duh! We could probably have a few thousand of these stories if we started a thread on the subject.
  6. M. Moore

    Problems with oxy fuel cutting.

    WLhe, I had the same problem when trying to cut any 1/8” thick steel material with my oxy acet and now my oxy propane torch. I have a small cnc torch table so I could vary a lot of the parameters. I tried everything to get a decent cut but could not achieve anything close to what I get with...
  7. M. Moore

    Dean Smith Grace Lathe Owners

    I would be willing to share and have done for others but can’t find where my photos are stored on the new site? If you pm me with your email address I can send you a photo of the drawing. My guess is the 13” lathe is different than the 17” spindle.
  8. M. Moore

    Longer term wood storage question

    Bugs is really the question. If it has been kiln dried at high temperature the bugs already in the wood will be killed. If done at low temp they may survive and then chew up your wood. Once kiln dried it should be fine in the barn stickered and stacked with some air around. Periodically inspect...
  9. M. Moore

    Master Disk Sander

    There are lots of designs for mobile bases. Just make your own with some casters that are big enough. Then use some kind of bolts to the floor so you can stabilize/level the machine. You will enlarge the footprint which will make it more stable. I put two swivel wheels and two fixed wheels on a...
  10. M. Moore

    Erickson 400 and 600 pneumatic speed indexers $300 Portland, OR

    Garwood, It never hurts to ask! I did not realize they were so heavy. I totally understand why you do not want to ship. I am surprised no one local raced over to pick those up at that price. PM members have let you down, a very rare occurrence on the parts for sale forum.
  11. M. Moore

    Erickson 400 and 600 pneumatic speed indexers $300 Portland, OR

    I also have a UPS account so that makes it easy to ship for you. The only problem is sending cash in the mail.......
  12. M. Moore

    Erickson 400 and 600 pneumatic speed indexers $300 Portland, OR

    Any chance you would consider shipping these? I would be happy to pay extra for the crate.
  13. M. Moore

    Erickson 400 and 600 pneumatic speed indexers $300 Portland, OR

    I would be over there in a minute with cash at that price but it is a long drive down to Portland. I do have one question about how they work. Are you limited to indexing by the increment on the plate? Or can you index any distance you want? My guess is that you are limited to the increment or...
  14. M. Moore

    Looking for bed for Oliver 25C or 20C pattern makers lathe

    No help with a shorter bed but I have heard that it is possible for extra long items to ride on top of the elevator. Need the super or building owner to help with the move. Might be less hassle than finding a shorter one or cutting down the one you have. Good luck!
  15. M. Moore

    Carbide drills-lathe dogs- mill clamping stuff- roughing/corner radius end mills

    John, I would like the carbide drills please and thank you. I have bought from you before. Cheers, Michael
  16. M. Moore

    Refrigerated air dryer needed. Which should I stay away from?

    Plus one for Kaiser. Although I didn’t like the fact that it was a non cycling design. So I had to add all the above described controls. It has functioned perfectly except for one time when I noticed some water mist coming out of the blow gun. WTF? This was a month or more after setting up...
  17. M. Moore

    Drill/tap SSteel tool life?

    BT, I have to drill into the 1/4” edge of the part. There is no extra material to machine off so I will have to deal with the parts as they are. After your comments I think that a carbide spot drill might be the answer? As I said I did a few test pieces with no problems but not enough parts to...
  18. M. Moore

    Drill/tap SSteel tool life?

    Bob, I already ordered the drills and spiral flute taps. His numbers are very impressive. I will have to check if the auto reverse head will do well with form taps, it seems like it would be fine for such a small tap.
  19. M. Moore

    Drill/tap SSteel tool life?

    Orange, I hear you about the variability and was only hoping for some rough numbers. I will keep a close eye on the drill to check for wear each tool change. Hopefully with the right feeds and speeds I will get decent life out of the drills. They are cheap so I am not worried about it as it is a...