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    Lathe Series 61 Parts List

    I have a manual in good to poor condition listed as a Series Parts list. Missing cover. First page starts withe page 5 and end with page 80. Page 5/6 and 79/80 are detached but very readable. I assume it's for a Monarch Series 61 lathe. Free to someone that can use it that's willing to pay exact...
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    Way cover for Gorton MasterMill

    I picked-up a really nice Gorton MasterMill from HGR some time ago. As with just about everything from HGR there were a few issues.Down feed variable speed potentiometer was bad, replaced and feed works. Spindle counterbalance spring was broken, made another it too now works.Machine is in...
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    Chinese DRO quality

    I've noticed DROs made in China in ebay cheap! Would be nice to put one one my Horizontal Mill though the dials have served me well. DRO would be easier to see and easy to zero. Most of the computers are made in China as well as cell phones. I have a cheap Shinese digital caliper in my home desk...
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    Taper cutting tool for Moore Jig Borer tool holder storage

    Is the a Taper cutting device to cut the approx. angle of a Moore tool holder? I purchased 3 Susta brand tool storage holders from HGR some time ago. I have attached the frame near my Moore #3 Jig Borers. I have 2 frames of 11 holders each full of holders. However a number of the hard Red...
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    Anilam A166 Info

    In searching the web I found a link to this forum dated quite a while ago. I replied but don't see any reference up-date. I need someone with a manual for the A166 Wizard or MiniZizard. Due to very recent power interruption my Wizard is now reading 5X the actual movement. I need to know how to...
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    Analam Wizard help

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have a problem with my Analam Wizard DRO. Up to Thursday night the readout was working fine as it is set-up to do. It's on my Moore #3 Jig bore. Reads in .0001 increments as it would be needed on a Jig Borer. Friday while sitting at my computer at home...
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    Dorian TIN354-32 screw size

    I posted this question in Antique Machinery forum and got a suggestion to ask it here. I have a Dorian TIN354-32 mounted on a Dorian CXA quick change holder. Looks new, no scratches or any sign of use. Perfect condition. Dorian site listed GTS-1 as screw size. Order a pack of 10 that are...
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    Way oil vs HD hydraulic oil

    Am I wrong thinking that using HD hydraulic oil to fill the carriage and tail stock reservoirs? Way oil is sticky and will hold fine chips but hydraulic oil is easily pushed off by the way wipers. Ways are always oil covered being oiled by the reservoir and pump in the carriage.
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    Dorian TIN354-32 help

    I have a Dorian TIN354-32 attached to a Dorian CXA holder. All look like new. Must and been in a lot of CXA holders I purchased. I'm thinking it's a grooving or threading tool being the tringular insert is mounted vertically. Has no insert installed nor the screw to hold it in place. Anyone know...
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    Moore #1 Manual

    I still have the Moore #1 Manual, Original not a reprint. Excellent condition for it's age. See photos. $20 + shipping
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    WTB Moore metric tool holder

    I understand metric tool holders for Moore Jig Borer were made, I would like to buy a few. I have just about all the inch sizes though can use 1/8".
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    126 McMaster Carr catalog

    I have a 126 McMaster Carr catalog, used but in excellent condition. I use their online sight more. 127 sits in my desk draw and I look at it once in a while. If anyone is interested I'll ship it at cost, if my memory is correct the last time I shipped the catalog I put it back in the box it was...
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    Home made lathe build video

    Seen this Video on Youtube, love the precision grinding. Some steps are missing. Should be renamed how to waste a lot of time. I don't think Hardinge has anything to worry about. I'm sure it's accurate to +/- .1000". I gave-up watching it, stupid video!
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    Gurhing color ring for Titanium

    I purchased Gurhing Red Ring 4mm tap and had excellent results taping AR500. I want to get a Gurhing tap for 8-32 in Titaniom AL6-4V. What color ring do I need. The chart is kinda confusing in that it don't text a color. So I'm not sure what color is needed. Gray, White or Silver for the...
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    Quick test to determine 6061 or 7075

    Is there a quick and easy way to determine Aluminum drops of 7075 or 6061? Most of the material I have is 7075 but there are some 6061 or similar 6000 alloy. Is there away to determine what it is quickly. Usually when machining it I can see the difference. I do mark as many of the drops as...
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    Thread mill question

    I have never used thread mills and don't intend to mill threads. I'm wondering if internal thread mill have a lead or are they rows of Vees that when used on CNC can create internal threads. If there is no lead I'm thinking of using them to cut serrations.
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    Odd metric key broach

    I've broached quite a few key ways with the broach bushing a shim method. I seen on ebay my favorite seller had a broach cheap so I purchased it. One piece HSS 10mm round with 4mm broach full depth in height. Is thsi some kind of bushing-less broach. I'm thinking it's one of a set. I'll post a...
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    WTB 16mm X 5mm woodfuff key cutter.

    McMaster sells metric woodruff keys but not the cutters. They do sell a woodruff metric key that will require a 16 X 5mm cutter. I'm not cutting a woodruff key slot, 5mm is slightly more than 3/16" available in a 5/8 diameter cutter. Better yet will be a 15/64" wide 5/8" diameter woodruff cutter...
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    Moore tool holder modification

    I have been using carbide end mills as boring bar or Jig Bore reamer. Carbide is ridged and produces a nice hole when opening up a drilled hole. I usually follow with a Carbide reamer for holes less tha 1/2" in diameter, usually less than 3/8" but on occasion 10mm, seems there are a few size...
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    little off topic but looking for help with digital clock

    I hope an electronic wizard here can help! I purchased two large number digital clocks, they worked fine. One is in my shop the other at my home. Clock at my shop is still working great. The one at my home is on second floor about 6' above the floor. Power from outlet via transformer is directly...