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  1. TDegenhart

    Change in PM format

    I have out of the loop for two months with a broken pelvis. When did the changes occur and what additions or deletions are there from the style as of end of April 2022? Tom
  2. TDegenhart

    what tool do I need to remove pins in a connector?

    For your style, the tool is a sleeve that goes over the pin, compressing the locking wings, then just pull the connector out of the body. Tom
  3. TDegenhart

    Last Day at my old job

    Unless the reasons for your departure have corrected, why go back? You have a bargaining chip should they ask you, simply and clearly state 'this is the reason I left'. Fix it then we can talk. Tom
  4. TDegenhart

    Craigslist funny time!

    A thing of beauty and a joy forever! :bowdown: Tom
  5. TDegenhart

    10" Heavy oil to use

    For everything except the spindle bearings, I use ISO 64 way oil. For the spindle bearing I believe it is 10 weight machine oil, but that I can't verify as it's the oil I got from SB 50 years ago. Tom
  6. TDegenhart

    Describe the ideal and the typical jobs for a 10EE

    If I may muddy the waters, are the CNC lathes of today as good as, equal to, better than or significantly better than an EE rebuilt to factory specs? Tom
  7. TDegenhart

    How can I avoid huanyang VFD with a different name?

    The problem is with the internet. Even amazon now has been found to be selling illegal goods. Being as how you are from Illinois, you probably know about Maxwell Street in Chicago. Your wanting to buy an unknown product from the internet is like going to Maxwell Street and buying a Rolex...
  8. TDegenhart

    OT: MIlly and EG banned?

    Is there a difference between an amateur and a professional asshole? And if so, what is it? Tom
  9. TDegenhart

    OT: MIlly and EG banned?

    What day is that pray tell? Tom
  10. TDegenhart

    OT: MIlly and EG banned?

    it's spring time. Time to clean house. Tom
  11. TDegenhart

    machining keyway in 8" bore

    If it is just a spacer and does not transmit torque how about a two piece construction. An outer sleeve and a inner sleeve with the slot pressed together. Tom
  12. TDegenhart

    What's the deal with R8's?

    Don't know why the makers of the original BP's chose an R8 over other systems but for the 1/2 hp spindle it was probably more than adequate. Not so with the 2 and 3 hp heads and marginally the 1 hp. Tom
  13. TDegenhart

    Electrical markers? Yes, 500 minimum. Ah, I will make my own...

    Check out Brady cable markers. Use a clear piece of heat shrink tubing if you want better mechanical protection. Tom
  14. TDegenhart

    machining keyway in 8" bore

    Stop and ask yourself how this would have been done during WW2 Tom
  15. TDegenhart

    Old Lathe Identification

    Can't help with a name, but the lettering is in Swedish and German. Tom
  16. TDegenhart

    Passing Costs To Customer Like Everyone Else

    Who owns the business, your boss? So long as you and the guys in the shop are getting a paycheck it is really none of your business what the boss does with the business. He may have information that you do not have. Tom
  17. TDegenhart

    High temp adhesive for plastic

    Careful! Cyanoacrylates do not play well with water. Tom
  18. TDegenhart

    Chlorinated vs Non-Chlorinated Soluble Cutting Oils - What's the Difference?

    What about sulfurized oil? Tom
  19. TDegenhart

    My $29 Trucut Undercutter/Lathe

    Long ago, probably before you were born, generators were used on cars and trucks to charge the battery. A generator is different from an alternator in that the armature windings were connected to copper segments fastened together to make a commutator. The copper segments were clamped together...
  20. TDegenhart

    Plastic Kneader to mix pigment

    What does this have to do with coloring resin? Tom