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  1. M. Moore

    Drill/tap SSteel tool life?

    Looking for info on how many holes I can drill and tap per tool in 304 SS as a rough number to help decide when to change to new tooling. Size will be 4mm tap with a 3.3mm drill. The holes will be 12mm deep and the threads will be 8mm deep. I am using an auto reverse tapping head so I allowed...
  2. M. Moore

    WTB Hypertherm T80m machine plasma torch

    Any chance anyone has one of these just laying around gathering dust? I am trying to get my little cnc torch table converted over to plasma and have been doing some tests with the hand torch. It works well and the machine should be able to turn on and off the plasma torch however it is not able...
  3. M. Moore

    WTB Anilam 3000 control board

    Looking for the motion control board, part no 3301102s. It is in the console and is quite long with four small square blue boxes that are easy to identify. Any body have a dead machine? I can get a new part just wanted to see if there are any parts machines out there. Thanks
  4. M. Moore

    Incorrect control voltage to VFD, 5 hp CNC mill

    As the title suggests I am having a problem with an incorrect voltage to the VFD on my vertical CNC mill. I thought it was a torque problem and posted about that twice and now after much research and testing I have narrowed the problem down to the voltage signal that controls the motor rpm. It...
  5. M. Moore

    VFD on CNC problem?

    I posted about the torque issue on the CNC forum so there is more to the story however this is the latest issue and I am hoping the amazing electric guys here can help out. The machine is intermittently slowing down in a medium cut and the first time it happened I had my hand on the feed knob...
  6. M. Moore

    Auto reverse tapping head tips?

    I have a few hundred holes to tap 4mm tap into mild steel and would like to use my auto reverse tapping head in the CNC mill to do these holes. I am making a jig to hold 16 parts (32 holes) and will drill then swap to the tap head. I have used the tap head many times in the drill press but not...
  7. M. Moore

    Press brake mods- Ok to do this?

    I am working on adding a better back gauge to my small press brake. It is a Bantam 24" wide x 24 ton. The apron is 1.75" thick and I would like to drill a hole right in the center about 5" down to access the back gauge adjustment lead screw. I can also do this by using gears and a chain to...
  8. M. Moore

    HH Roberts 5Hp CNC mill- torque issue- intermittent

    Anyone run across an intermittent torque issue? The five horse 3 phase motor is speed controlled by a VFD. I was cutting some 4140 for a few hours, light cuts, 3/4" end mill. Then I noticed (heard) it suddenly slow down in the cut but luckily I had my hand on the feed knob and slowed the feed...
  9. M. Moore

    #4 morse taper sticks in spindle?

    Not exactly machine reconditioning but I thought the experts here might be able to help. I have a new to me Erlo drill press with a #4 morse taper spindle and the Rohm drill chuck that came with the machine (nice) becomes very stuck in the spindle after drilling even a small hole. The machine...
  10. M. Moore

    Bend longer part in sections?

    If you only had a two foot long press brake and needed to bend up a 90° on some 14 or 16 gauge material and the piece was 4' long, would it work to do it in sections? Same question applies if you have an 8' brake and need to bend a 10' long piece. I assume it could be done but need to know...
  11. M. Moore

    Plasma cut parts - big divot normal?

    Here is a pic of some parts I just had cut at a local major steel supplier. They have a very expensive plasma setup. When I complained that the large divot meant I had to weld and grind they said, “Sorry that is normal at the start and finish, order oversize and machine to size”. This does not...
  12. M. Moore

    Large Drill on pallet-good or bad?

    Just getting some feedback on the used machinery dealer prep of this machine for shipping to my location. I suggested it was not really that great and would like some opinions. No skin off my back if it arrives damaged, I will get a refund. (I have it in writing) I have to pay in full before...
  13. M. Moore

    WTB Cat40 ER32 collet chucks

    As per the title looking for at least two. Must take PayPal and be willing to ship to Canada. Thanks
  14. M. Moore

    Circuit board help Low voltage?

    Slightly off topic but hopefully I can get some help here. The pic shows the circuit board from my massage bed, an essential tool to keep me working! It is a Ceragem. The control is beeping and then showing a code, OD, which means motor overload according to the manual. I am no electronics...
  15. M. Moore

    multifix tool holder "B" size D style holder/sale/value?

    Needs a little cleaning but should be fine. Not sure of the value? $20 plus shipping? I can take and provide any measurements required. No name I could spot but it might be there under the grime.
  16. M. Moore

    CNC lathe cartridge insert holder- help identify?

    Hoping to identify this insert holder and a value? Maybe someone can use it on their machine? Should clean up just fine, has the seat and both screws. I forgot to measure the thread pitch on the shank can easily do so if required. Thanks
  17. M. Moore

    Hardinge Vise value?

    I just acquired this small Hardinge vise with several other vises that I really wanted. I understand that these were used on the small Hardinge bench top milling machines. Any other info on these would be helpful and a current value would be good. It is small at about 9" long and has 4"...
  18. M. Moore

    Info? Surface grinder vise, Abrasive Tool Co.

    Just picked up this little vise and want to know what is was used for and what machine it was used with as it is a bit unusual. As you can see in the photos it has one bevelled ( 1/2 dovetail?) jaw and round base. Thanks for the help, Michael
  19. M. Moore

    2 feeders one power source?

    I recently picked up another Miller S74 feeder and would like to hook it up to my Miller Dimension 452 power source. I currently run one feeder to my welding bench and want to use the other feeder in my grinding area for touch ups etc. Is it possible to hook up both feeders at the same time...
  20. M. Moore

    Properties of 52100 annealed condition?

    I need to make some small thrust washers for a diff repair, I can heat treat if required. The question came up in regards to the strength and performance of 52100 in the annealed state. I have searched and searched but only found info on how the steel performs after heat treat. It is such a...