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    Thoughts on surface grinder for home hobbyist?

    My dad called his little Sanford "the most useful tool in the shop". He made a pneumatic feed system for it. I would not recommend a Sanford, as they are small, hard to find and when you find one, expensive. There are lots of 6x12 grinders out there, and honestly, they don't take up any more...
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    WTB 5C collets

    Thanks. Sent you a PM. Steve
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    Looking for a small milling machine (Duro, Benchmaster, Rusnok, Raglan, similar...) in driving distance of central NJ.

    I have some of what I believe are gears for that dividing head. If you tell me the bore, thickness and the diameter of one of the gears with the tooth count, I can confirm that. Steve
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    Glass blowing lathe wanted

    You should put your location in your profile. That way you won't get asked "where are you?" every time you post. There's one for sale in Illinois: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/888218498819573 and one in Ohama: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/888218498819573 Steve
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    WTB 5C collets

    Sent you a message.
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    WTB 5C collets

    I'm trying to fill out my set of Hardinge collets. I have other brands and imports, but I want one set of just Hardinge. For round collets, here are the sizes I need: Here are the sizes I need: 3/64, 5/64, 7/64, 5/32, 15/64, 11/32, 33/64, 35/64, 23/32, 49/64, 53/64, 55/64, 61/64, 1-1/64...
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    Craigslist funny time!

    I've replied to some ads like that with: "Do you know what kind of paint that is? I need to judge how difficult it will be to strip it all off." Steve
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    Recommended lathe tooling insert type

    Use the resources at Carbide Depot: http://www.carbidedepot.com/resources.aspx to see the insert specs on your toolholders. Then match those specs to the insert designation chart. Post something here (pic of the holder and the code on it) if you want some specific help. Steve
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    Recommended lathe tooling insert type

    There are milling cutters that use the 100 degree side, but they are few and far between. You'd think, given how many inserts are being tossed, that there's be more demand for these. A fly cutter would be useful, too. As far as my inserts, I came from using an @tlas, so positive rake was...
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    Pratt & Whitney 3C mill with speedranger $1,100 in Mission Viejo, CA

    I think you are correct. While it's hard to read, I can make out the word "refill" and there's nothing to refill on the mill. Steve
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    Pratt & Whitney 3C mill with speedranger $1,100 in Mission Viejo, CA

    Saw this on Craigslist. Looks to be in decent shape. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/tls/7539137067.html Steve
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    Clausing 8540 Horizontal Milling Machine(s) for sale, Carmel California

    No, it's an M, and I'm keeping it to put on a small horizontal. Steve
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    Clausing 8540 Horizontal Milling Machine(s) for sale, Carmel California

    If that was closer, I would have called the boss and said I was taking the rest of the day off, and then head over to grab it. Can't find anything like that in western Wisconsin. And I have a Bridgeport head to go on it, too. Steve
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    Heavy 10 rescued from the melt shop furnace

    Those quick changes were offered in the 1930's up to maybe sometime in the 40's, so it's not a 1950's. That box has the same ratios as the double tumbler that has positions A thru E on the left, but some say that it is more rugged.
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    Perfect, Late Heavy 10 South Bend with loads of accessories in 46311

    The post should stay, if for no other reason to give is something to drool over. Seriously, leaving old for sale posts up is good for finding values.
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    Where to sell optical components (lenses, mirrors, etc.)?

    You might want to add your location to your profile. Someone here that can help might be close by. Steve
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    Where to sell optical components (lenses, mirrors, etc.)?

    This is because many mirrors have the silvering on the front surface, so you don't get the ghosting that the front surface of the glass causes. Steve