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  1. TDegenhart

    Change in PM format

    I have out of the loop for two months with a broken pelvis. When did the changes occur and what additions or deletions are there from the style as of end of April 2022? Tom
  2. TDegenhart

    threadiing nickel 200/201

    I have a request for 1/8" dia nickel 200 rods, 3/56 LH threaded. I have no experience with nickel 200. What problems should I expect to see if I make these? Tom
  3. TDegenhart

    Engraving letters on Prototrak SM

    Does anyone have a package to run on a Prototrak SM mill that will engrave letters? I am trying to get a plaque made before Xmas. Tom
  4. TDegenhart

    The Turboencabulator is Obsolete!!

    Found this on YouTube. At first I thought it was real. Technical Jargon Overload - YouTube Tom
  5. TDegenhart

    CNC job shop needed in the area of Des Plaines, Illinois

    I have a customer located in Des Plaines, Ill, that is looking for a CNC job shop. He is currently dealing with a shop west of me that is very slow on delivery. The work that I have seen so far is comparatively simple, quantities has been in 20 to 50 pieces. Deliveries are expected to quick...
  6. TDegenhart

    Carbide Insert Parts and Usage

    I don't do enough with inserts to warrant special attention from a sales person so I will ask the questions here. What are pads and shims and what are they used for? Tom
  7. TDegenhart

    OT-What is "Chaski.Org"

    I was reviewing CBlair's admonition to keep things civil while he is gone and found in Don's posting requirements that there are/were posting sites for low end hobby equipment such as HSM and Chaski. HSM is a publication of Village Press. Where/when did Chaski come along or were they a spinoff...
  8. TDegenhart

    Monarch history from birth to bankruptcy (1909-2001)

    http://www.lathes.co.uk/monarch/monarch-History.pdf Tom
  9. TDegenhart

    113 Year Old Machine Shop

    Abom79 takes a tour of 113 year old machine shop. Old machines of course and some for sale, but the mess is unbelievable. YouTube "While in Georgia we visited a very old machine shop and the owner let me take some video while I was there. I was converted from a blacksmith shop from...
  10. TDegenhart

    Looking for a gunsmith in the St. Charles, Geneva, Batavia area

    Friend has a .22 Remington from the 1930's that needs work. Told him I would ask the question. Gun is a pump. Problem is the bolt will not lock. Tom
  11. TDegenhart

    240/480 from a single RPC w/o transformer?

    Something that I experimented with 35 years ago, but didn't pursue. Can a dual voltage motor of sufficient size be wired so that single phase be applied and through transformer/rotary action derive both 240 and 480 3phase without a transformer? Theory: Connect the motor for 480 volt operation...
  12. TDegenhart

    Who is the Moderator of Bridgeport and Hardinge forum

    Since JR passed a year ago if my memory is correct do we have a new moderator or is JR to do it from the grave? Tom
  13. TDegenhart

    HLV-H Clone Makers Live On

    Found the Cyclomatic is still making HLV-H clones. Toolroom Lathes, Turning Lathes in Cyclematic Metal Lathes Suppliers Tom
  14. TDegenhart

    Cost to replace headstock bearings in a Hardinge HLV-H

    I need to to replace the spindle bearings in a Victor 618 EM which is the same as a Hardinge HLV-H. What I am looking for is a ballpark cost of doing it. I am not sure I want to tackle it myself. Tom
  15. TDegenhart

    OT Site Moderator: No Longer Archiving Old Posts?

    The number of old threads/posts needs cleaning. There are thirty pages of posts, normally this is 3 to 5. Tom
  16. TDegenhart

    OT - the use of OT in titles

    OT - Off Topic. Used as prefix in the title to identify casual items not of searchable value. A minor topic and hopefully short lived, but over the years Milacron's insistence on keeping non-relevant topics out of the searchable data base seems to gone by the wayside. I probably have violated...
  17. TDegenhart

    Thermite banned?

    What happened? Tom
  18. TDegenhart

    Continuing electrical vehicle thoughts

    I had a discussion with my local service garage owner about the future of the industry from the repair/maintenance standpoint. His take is that in the next 10 to 15 years the repair shop as we know it will no longer exist. The small independent shops will go out of business or the bought up...