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  1. doug925

    Cutting long stock on CNC Lathe

    Wakelessfoil Watch this video (there are plenty of differing videos of this) regarding the boring of jaws.
  2. doug925

    Probe Halo

    I can't make one for $40.00, much less go buy a $2K printer to make one. LOL Given that, I purchased one. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. doug925

    Multi Start threading

    Agree 1000%
  4. doug925

    DXF TO ESSI program

    Deera, A google search of ESSI file yields an old format for nc, and not a thing on a Finest 6.2 (for reference) What is the machine and control? This may help us, help you. Thanks, Doug.
  5. doug925

    Ball ended Hex (How to machine?)

    What about a custom ground profile (form) mill? Mill the Hex OD with a standard cutter, then clean the ball end with a form cutter.
  6. doug925

    Rigid Tapping small hole inconsistencies

    Cutting Taps for 6-32 are the weakest taps know to man, IMHO. I toss in a 1/8" parabolic, drill 5/8 deep in 1 shot, and roll form 3/8" deep, using emuge, plug, forming taps. Our coolant is Trim E206 at 10%.
  7. doug925

    Rigid Tapping small hole inconsistencies

    800 RPM for a M3 tap is really slow. I would run a roll tap, and shoot for 70SFM (2266rpm) if your machine will allow. Peck tapping is ~probably~ what is messing with your holes, or slop in the machine/holder etc. Would a roll formed, 70% thread work? If so, shoot for a #36 or Ø2.75mm tap drill...
  8. doug925

    Sliding markup percentage for small to large cost for subbing out work

    Ox, I doubt it will happen. This company is used to big parts coming from big shops. I think my markup will take us out of consideration. Having said that, if they want us to supply the parts, they have to expect a markup. ([shrug] we will see.)
  9. doug925

    Sliding markup percentage for small to large cost for subbing out work

    Well, I hope this on works out. The 'shop' in question is owned by a member of the Godwin family, part of Knust-Godwin LLC. As I could be on the hook for my own money, I went 17% with the following terms: 20% at PO, 30% due upon receipt, 2%Net30. (<-- typically 2%Net10/Net30) If they opt for...
  10. doug925

    New Machine Day - Millturn monster

    I just watched the utube vid on the I250h. That machine is sooooo cool!:cool:
  11. doug925

    Sliding markup percentage for small to large cost for subbing out work

    All said and done, the quote was not 560K, but only 448K. I would love too, but it would be a large Horizontal, Bullard VTL, and a lot of tooling & fixturing. Not economical for this application.
  12. doug925

    Anybody have all the 9000 series macros for a renishaw OTS,probe, etc, on a 2007 VF-4, to share?

    Something has happened to our macros. We cannot get the Table Probe (tool lengths) to operate, and the consensus is corrupt or missing macros.We were considering dowloading & saving all the current 9000 programs to a USB, delete the 9000 programs on the machine, then re-load them from provided...
  13. doug925

    3/4"-14 NPSM Thread Data

    3/4-14 NPSM data. This is from ThreadPal. The owner of the software company is a member here. I highly recommend spending the tiny amount of $ for a copy. Just my $0.02 Doug
  14. doug925

    3/4"-14 NPSM Thread Data

  15. doug925

    Who Makes The Best HSS Twist Drills?

    Sheesh, that answer encompasses a lot of drills. Under 1/2" I run OSG jobbers, nachi stubs and cobalts. Above 1/2" we use Cleveland mostly. For Spades: Allied Indexable: all brands Solid Carbide: Garr 1580H Solid Carbide, Coolant through: Iscar & Ghuring I may need to look into The OSG Gold...
  16. doug925

    OT: Property Damage question... How long should it take to get information or even a police report.

    Well, that just sucks! What a crappy way to kick off your day. If you are friendly with the Mayor, choice #1. Failing an answer, I would go to the local DA, then the State Police.
  17. doug925

    Sliding markup percentage for small to large cost for subbing out work

    Hi all. I just came across a situation that I've not faced in 26 years of business. If you had a $1000 cost for subbing work to another shop, what percentage markup would you go with? I would shoot typically shoot for 10-25%, [part AND customer (payment history) depending] What about $10K, 100K...
  18. doug925

    OT: Entry door locks with keypad

    I have a Schlage Encode '6 digit' pin on my shop front door. I had the 4 digit pin on my front at home (same lock, different firmware) but it wouldn't work with my new front door. My new one has been back ordered from build.com until the 26th (uh-huh) from 9/15... The one on my shop front door...
  19. doug925

    Machining Nitronic 50 from Solid

    I prefer cobalt when playing with N60, but I haven't yet had the pleasure of N50 (IIRC) As an aside: Threading with a tap is a non-starter. I prefer thread milling or single point on N60.