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  1. Doozer

    Way cover for Gorton MasterMill

    My Gorton 9-J is a war baby. I believe it was wearing its origional leather way covers and they were about worn out. I bought a hyde at Tandy leather and cut some new way covers. Should be good for another 80 years. I think the hyde cost me $40. -Doozer
  2. Doozer

    New bridgeport question

    Isn't that how most good manual machinists operate a manual mill ? -Doozer
  3. Doozer

    To Flat or Not to Flat?

    I have heard it called a Whistle Notch. The harder it tries to pull out, the more it wedges tighter on the set screw. --Doozer
  4. Doozer

    Help with Replacement KO Lee T&C Grinder Motor Switch

    Looks like a Carling 3PDT Center OFF switch. -Doozer https://www.zoro.com/carling-technologies-toggle-switch-3pdt-10a-250v-screw-hl254-73/i/G0382146/
  5. Doozer

    WTS Steadyrest for 17" Colchester

    Is it from a round head 17" or the square head 17"? It seems to have the V on the opening side and the flat on the hinge side. I think it might fit my Colchester. It seems Colchester (on some models ???) put both Vs on the front and both flats on the back of the bed. What city on Ohio is it...
  6. Doozer

    Taper cutting tool for Moore Jig Borer tool holder storage

    Pretty sure Moore is a NMTB 30. -Doozer
  7. Doozer

    7” Massive Antique Prentiss Vise Help

    Very fair point. Yes, being able to turn-it-on and turn-it-off is really the healthy place to be. I agree it allows on to excel at many tasks. You are right on. ---D
  8. Doozer

    7” Massive Antique Prentiss Vise Help

    Very serious question, what are you clamping that is tapered? And what is the limit of said tapered object before the item just shoots out of the vise ? ? ? -Doozer
  9. Doozer

    New to me Pratt and Whitney 12x54 lathe

    Someone on here has a 18 speed 12C with a 2 speed motor. 36 speeds is just showing off. I like it ! I still never read the speed chart. I just start rowing levers until I get a speed that looks right. It kind of feels like shifting a Mack truck with the 2 boxes ! Blissful confusion is the best...
  10. Doozer

    7” Massive Antique Prentiss Vise Help

    Q? Are you truly going to try and free up the swivel jaw ? Do you really think you are going to use that feature ? It is clearly rusted solidly in place. Is the effort required to make it work again worth the utility that this feature offers ? If you have OCD and want to make it right to...
  11. Doozer

    Has any one seen a smaller knee mill like this one? Samson JRH-33?

    I believe it started with Johansson milling machines. Then the Clausing 8520 was a copy. Then someone put a Bridgeport M-Head on a Clausing 8520. Then Tawain made their rip off copy. And others followed. Not a bad mill for the size. I have an original Clausing 8520 that I grafted the Bridgeport...
  12. Doozer

    Rules of thumb for setting spindle bearing preload

    I spy the man on the tractor on the pumpkin. --Doozer R-110 R-162 R-185
  13. Doozer

    Need to turn .50 I D to .542......In 60 R!

    60RB would be easy. -D
  14. Doozer

    OT: Would like advice on sizing hydraulic fittings to prevent cavitation of control valve on backhoe

    This seems like a lot of chatter for worrying about a cavitation problem that has not happened yet. Seriously. -D
  15. Doozer

    Repairing cast iron mill table

    So he should drill and tap 200 holes in his table to screw in little studs, to cover up his pecker tracks? Bad idea if you ask me. -Doozer
  16. Doozer

    Sale of old shop in Gastonia, NC

    What kit ? -Doozer
  17. Doozer

    Another Take on 3d printed Oil Level Sight Glass.

    Looks a bit like Latex wall paint. Perhaps I am seeing some adhesion problems. You might want to investigate that while it is taken apart and easy to get that sorted out. -D
  18. Doozer

    Morse Taper 3 - 3 adapter / extension ??

    Maybe some of you with a Hardinge lathe will agree... With the HLV-H, to do any sort of drilling on a short part, like held in the collet, the carriage and toolbit has to be cranked right up close to the spindle nose. Using a 2MT to 2MT extension gives back some needed space before the tailstock...
  19. Doozer

    Made a spindle tram tool on the Bridgeport this weekend

    Your device is a RELATIVE device, not an ABSOLUTE device. I know you want to calibrate it, ya da ya da, Not needed. All your high end material specs and high tolerance build specs really don't mean anything to the function of this device. It seems like hot rod marketing bling to me. A single...
  20. Doozer

    Ideal Home Shop Mill To Own?

    My first fault was engaging with you. -D