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  1. matt_isserstedt

    Looking for better ideas for moving large stainless steel parts

    Is the part able to be lifted thru the center hole? meaning is there enough structure in the plate to lift it flat or does that cause issues with deformation? I don't have a good handle on how thick it is relative to the diameter and number of holes within it. I'm picturing something like a...
  2. matt_isserstedt

    Bad Alternator Maybe?

    If he's got a 250-6 I don't think the side post was even invented yet before that engine was phased out... You can lift the B+ or ground terminal when you let it sit for awhile and see what happens. Other than that its probably going to take some study of the wiring harness to see what...
  3. matt_isserstedt

    What small bridge/gantry cranes do people have?

    I would also say Gorbel seems to have a large market share. They seem like an economical choice (all fabricated steel), easy to assemble. My .02: The smoothest rolling rails are extruded aluminum rails (Knight, Zimmerman, Unified, also Gorbel) although it requires another other support...
  4. matt_isserstedt

    Looking for better ideas for moving large stainless steel parts

    Not intended to be sarcastic but...3 other guys? Did you slip a zero there and it was 2000 (?) I'm not sure exactly what needs to be protected but cardboard comes to mind as a cheap and readily available solution if its 200#. Wood blocking would be my choice if its 2000.
  5. matt_isserstedt

    Motorized workstation crane recommendations?

    I think the most fantastic bridge crane tractor drive could be developed with a wave-drive/harmonic drive with servo motor appropriated from a used robot arm. Zero lash, very rigid and easily positionable via slow speeds. Downside of a jib crane is it requires some concrete work first...
  6. matt_isserstedt

    Monotrol pedal conversion parts? H135xl

    I don't love the monotrol either. On my particular forklift I think its a 3-way hydraulic valve with a common pressure line and then a line for fwd and another for reverse. Should be detented so that it snaps into position and doesn't allow flow out of both ports. I think I could live with it...
  7. matt_isserstedt

    CM Chain Hoist Not Working/Troubleshooting

    Couple of things I've found, the capacitor can get overheated and damaged if its start/stopped a million times in a short period of time as in a production environment when its used out of its duty cycle. As said if the solenoid fails to release the brake pad the hoist cannot over-drive it...
  8. matt_isserstedt

    What forklift brands have the smoothest motion?

    Really like Hyster. I have the propane 7K for my own uses. I swear before this is all over I'm going to figure out how to bypass the monotrol interlock so I can change fwd/rev with my foot on the brake. I understand why its there to keep knuckleheads from revving the engine in a brake-torque...
  9. matt_isserstedt

    Should I get a forklift or a tractor with forks? Gravel driveway use.

    Imo, unless you can find a YardLift (pneumatic tired version) your best bet is to pave (with concrete) an area large enough to load and unload trucks with a common cushion tired unit, Past the pad, it could be as something as simple as a heavy duty sidewalk if you have a ways to goto the shop...
  10. matt_isserstedt

    Colchester Master 2500 lifting

    I had one about 15 years ago and made the plate - lathe is long gone...the plates were something like 1" x 6" x 5" or 6" flat stock. The top plate had something like a 70 degree included angle in it for aligning with the V-way of the tailstock. I had to make that with a shaper as there was no...
  11. matt_isserstedt

    0t--we dont need no stinkin skidway grease

    I'm far from knowledgeable about such things but it would seem so much more controllable to build the ship in a "lock" that's essentially below sea level & kept pumped dry thru the end of construction. When the ship is finished & ready, flood the lock by slowly filling the "pool" and then open...
  12. matt_isserstedt

    Moving a Mazak VQC-15/40 CNC; off loading from trailer using machine skates or do I need rigger

    Imo rigger will do better, quick scan says its a 10k machine...expensive way to find out the limitations of skates and ramps....very easy job for a rigger with standard 15k forklift. In general skates don't do well on wood. Not sure if that was in your calculus but they also allow point-loads...
  13. matt_isserstedt

    Preferred lever chain fall?

    If a person does enough projects eventually need them all... lever chain hoist is precise and all-direction but slow...chainfall useless except if straight up vertical...eventually get tired of the endless hand-chain beating up the paint and precision surfaces of the device you're...
  14. matt_isserstedt

    Preferred lever chain fall?

    Finest imo is the Coffing LSB series with the rapid traverse function on the slack chain. 3/4 ton does so many jobs, its very low headroom overall. 1-1/2 is good for more muscle and 3t is available although very slow.
  15. matt_isserstedt

    Moving CNC Mill not connected to power

    Personally I would use softwood 2x4/2x6 blocking that you bolt to the T-slot(s) in a right-angle setup, use 1/2" or thicker plywood squares or gussets to stiffen the L- or T-shape. If your machine has a counterweight for the milling head, its important to also secure that in place for...
  16. matt_isserstedt

    Toyota FD 150 Forklift Okumura Transmission lack of power

    I could be thinking about this wrong but the first thing that jumps out at me is using slippery engine oil instead of ATF = automatic transmission fluid, much closer to a hydraulic fluid, but designed to be "squeezed out" of the friction material. I don't know what Toyota specifies, it would be...
  17. matt_isserstedt

    Vimar/ATF Forklifts.....any comments or insight on them?

    I have to say it depends on duty cycle. Pure and simple, in my estimation and experience, forklifts get abused by people trying to work fast unloading and loading semi trailers, and it can be a 3 shift x 7 day operation in a freight terminal or large factory. Guessing you aren't that being...
  18. matt_isserstedt

    What psi concrete is the typical warehouse / factory floor?

    So I know a guy ;) who built his own shop for something along these lines. What I built was: - jumping jack compacted the disturbed soil - spread 6" layer of #57 limestone (its 3/4" nominal angular stone, washed of all fines) - lightly wet and plate-compact the stone in 2 directions - apply 10...
  19. matt_isserstedt

    Fadal VMC 15 XT crane lift

    I think that is what I would do. Its essentially a large "L" shape as far as the structure. Solid round bar thru the top of the column, ideally core a hole in some heavy flat bar to attach the swivel ring or lift eye, and slip that hole over the solid round, get it tight to the sides of the...