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    10EE Rear Bearing Diagrams, Changes

    This post is copied from Need help with my new 10EE - post #223. It makes more sense to discuss this in its own topic. I'll discuss detail of the 10EE's rear bear section, including the labyrinth oil and how things have changed over time. This is a section of drawing EE-99 (October 1941)...
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    MONARCH AVS 2013 from 1995 in TEXAS

    In case someone here is interested. Needs this a good home: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/monarch-avs-2013-from-1995-in-texas.404300/#post-3953561 Cal
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    Bed-Mounted Turret Attachments

    Russ, Do you have any posts that show/discuss your turret? My '43 10EE shipped with both a regular tailstock and a turret assembly (Unit Assembly No. EE-8-1-9), which is long gone. I've never been able to find any information about what that turret assembly consisted of. Cal
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    Monarch Forum Rules

    Monarch Forum Rules General This forum is for discussing Monarch lathes and other tool-room lathes, as well as upgrades, rebuilds, and tooling for these lathes. Posts should be Clear, Concise, Calm, and Courteous. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t send to an ill-tempered boss. Rule...
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    Rivett, Hendy, CVA and other high-end toolroom lathes

    Rivett, Hendy, CVA and other high-end toolroom lathes are welcome here! Some notable rebuild threads:https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/monarch-lathes/hendey-9-t-g-wreck-216732/ https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/monarch-lathes/cva-toolroom-lathe-feed-gearbox-378671/ Suggest additional...
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    Monarch 10EE - information, rebuilds, etc.

    This thread contains links to threads that contain information about Monarch 10EE lathes, including rebuilds. Monarch 10EE round-dial manual 1942 Monarch 10EE square-dial manual 1965 (modular drive) with parts sheets and assembly drawings Monarch 10EE historical summary 1943 New Departure...
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    Larger Monarch Lathes - information, rebuilds, etc.

    This thread contains links to threads that contain information about larger Monarch Lathes, including rebuilds. (Here a larger Monarch lathe is anything bigger than a 10EE.) The late Harry Bloom's rebuild of a Series 60/61, 16x78" lathe: Another New Toy Monarch Ser.60 Gearbox Removal...
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    General Information - S/N registry, history, patents, tooling, etc.

    Monarch Machine Tool Co. Timeline - by John C. Legge Annotated List of Links to Monarch Patents (and to Some Non-Monarch Patents) Monarch Manuals, Brochures, etc. at Vintage Machinery Serial Numbers: This table lists the last serial number assigned during the year: Monarch Serial Numbers...
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    Suggest a Sticky Link

    Nominate threads to be included in one of the sticky thread categories. Post a link here, along with a one-line description of the thread/post. Cal
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    proposed Monarch Forum Rules - discussion

    I’ve been receiving complaints about off-topic posts, long, rambling posts, and thread hogging. I prefer to take a hands-off approach to forum moderation, but I don’t think that’s currently possible, so it’s time to set some rules. These rules will go into effect Wednesday, August 4, 2021, once...
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    Who developed the J-series collets (1J, 2J, 3j, etc.)

    I did some searches trying to find the origin of the J-series collets (1J, 2J, 3J, etc.) and have come up dry. Does anyone know? Thanks! Cal
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    Requesting copies of 10EE lathe build data sheets

    I would greatly appreciate help filling in some gaps in my understanding of the various options and configurations of Monarch 10EE lathes. I you have copies of the lathe build data sheets (for lack of their correct name) that you would be willing to share, please send me an e-mail. (You can go...
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    photo posting issues

    I bet the photo came from an iPhone. For some reason iPhotos don't play well here. I routinely post photos from my Canon cameras and they come in full screen when the auto-resize does its thing. I've alerted site admin to the problem, but so far, no action has been taken. Cal
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    Sidney Lathes

    Despite all my years here, I somehow missed out on the fact that the Sidney Machine Tool Company existed. They were located in Sidney, Ohio and a competitor of Monarch's. There's a member in the Heavy Iron forum that's restoring one...
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    Van Norman 16S

    This thread was originally part of this thread: Looking for Monarch 18 CBB parts/general help restoring What version Van Norman 16? There was a No. 16 and 16U, which were the follow on to the No. 12. The next generation was the No. 16L, 16M and 16S, all of which were available with a universal...
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    Van Norman bulletins for various accessories

    I just noticed that Keith Rucker recently posted ten bulletins for various Van Norman accessories (sub-heads, dividing heads, rotary tables, etc.) at Vintage Machinery. Each bulletin includes a very nice assembly drawing of the accessory. Here's a link: Van Norman Machine Tool Co. - Publication...
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    1952 10EE - removing back gear pulley

    posting for ArcadeKid:
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    Mike C.

    Does anyone know how to get hold of Mike C.? He hasn't posted since the end of March and his message box is full. Hopefully he's OK. Cal
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    pre-1937 Van Norman serial numbers

    A question for johnoder or anyone else with serial number books that cover pre-WWII milling machines: In the late 1930s, Van Norman switched to 4-digit serial numbers issued sequentially by model number; that is, all the No. 12 milling machines started getting a serial numbers starting at 5000...
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    OT? Any Navy Machinery Repairmen know about I-beam trolleys?

    I don't know if modern US Navy ships still have them, but many WWII capital ships had an overhead trolley system with I-beams/W-beams hanging from the deckhead. Here's an example, from the USS Midway, which is similar to the one I visited on the USS Hornet (CV-12): USS MIDWAY - MACHINE SHOP -...